Trendy Hair Color Ideas for 2017

All the newest and cool hair color trends for 2017 are founded in these posts. You are a lucky one because now you will be the first of your friends to discover the latest hair color trends. From the cutest pastel shades to the brightest rainbow hair colors you’ll be inspired by the hottest hair dyes. In order to get a brand new look you need a new hair color.

Partial Hair Highlights for 2017

The partial highlighting technique is slowly gaining popularity since it provides with a unique hairstyle. Some women may have trouble differentiating between full and partial highlights, however the difference is obvious. Partial hair highlights are meant to bright up the overall look and create a face frame. The pictures below of partial highlights for 2017 demonstrate the versatility of this modern trend. These inspiring hairstyles will give an idea how to use partial highlights.Partial Hair Highlights for 2017Dark Chocolate with Caramel Highlights

Ladies who desire to add some depth and dimension to their chocolate brown hair, they should turn to caramel highlights. Even if you don’t have a chocolate brown hair you can still rock it. The caramel highlights on the front section are pretty easy to achieve particularly with hand painting technique. You should finish the design with an incredible waves and a center part!

Best Ideas for Dirty Blonde Hair

Whether you prefer to have full blonde hair or a dirty blonde option, you can always upgrade your color with the best hairstyles. Blonde is a yellowish color which is being paired with a dirty hue to create a dirty blonde combination. But you can get it in various ways. However, dirty blonde is also a versatile shade that needs to be upgraded from time to time. According to the colorists dirty blonde is flattering for women with medium to dark complexions.Best Ideas for Dirty Blonde HairSmooth and Straight

The straight hairstyle will give you a delicate look. To replicate this design and draw some attention to your face, you will want to get several layers. This hairstyle requires pulling your hair back to add some movement and change the shaping. It is ideal for women with fine hair and heart shaped face features. The incredible color gives some modern touch to the look.

Cute Medium Brown Hair Ideas for 2017

Light brown is fabulous and dark is incredible, but today I want to represent you medium brown hair colors for 2017 that are even better and classier. Like many other brunette shades medium brown tint also provides with a natural-looking appearance. However before making your mind about it, you should know that medium brown consists of a huge range of brunette shades including chocolate, hazelnut and chestnut. Below I have selected the best examples of medium brown hairdos just take your time to check them out.  New Cute Medium Brown Hair for 2017Medium Ash Brown with Chocolate Hint

To duplicate the following two-tone style you need to take some shades of medium brown. The colorist has used a medium ash brown to color the hair from the roots to the shoulders. Then ash color transforms into a warm chocolate tone providing with a dipped effect. The styling is also simple: natural looking waves are enough to show off the lovely color.

New Hair Coloring Techniques for 2017

Being informed means to be a step forward. Today I am going to introduce you the latest hair coloring techniques for 2017 that are incredible. Some of them may remind you a caf? menu but these are the latest trends that anyone needs to see. The colors created inspired by food are gorgeous and mind blowing. Recently it has become a common thing among the colorists to get inspired from vegetables, fruits or drinks. But, we don’t care about, since the result is happened to be a delicious shade. Now, check them out and consider rocking one of these Spice

This color is fantastic for more than just your preferred latte. Pumpkin spice involves various shades of golden blonde or chestnut that are being painted over copper strands giving it a dimensional look. This hair trend originally popped up a year but it continues to gain popularity among orange hair lovers.

Light Purple Hair Color Ideas

Pastel hair colors are meant to brighten your strands and provide you with a unique look. However, light purple is distinctive pastel shade because it not only gives you an eye-catching design but also makes your look more elegant. You just need to use your imagination and the services of a professional. In all cases your hair type and length will also have a great influence on how you look. Here I have selected light purple hair color ideas to introduce you different ways of rocking this light shade.Light Purple Hair Color IdeasOrchid Pink and Light Purple

Pastel shades are just magnificent and if you use the colors in a right way it will provide you with a unique and stunning look. This style blends pink hue with purple to give a straightforward and adorable hair. Apart from the color, you have to give your strands a lovely chop for some texture and dimension.

Tie-Die Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Today I came up with another die job which provides you with a vibrant rainbow shades. Have you ever searched for a way to fit your hair to a t-shirt? Well, if yes, then you are lucky because the colorists invented the ways to do that. This totally new technique of coloring your strands is inspired from tie-die t-shirts. In modern times you don’t need to remember of those t-shirts you used to wear in school since you can tailor the same shades on your head. Tie-die hair really exists and it is gorgeous, just feast your eyes on the following tie-die hair color ideas for 2017 and get inspired from.tie-die-hair-color-ideas-for-2017The creator of this incredible color technique is the celebrities’ colorist Tanya Ramirez. Thanks to Tanya we can incorporate multiple shades of blue, turquoise and pastel aqua with a simple twist and have an incredible. Unlike traditional ombre or two toned-looks this one comes from spots and horizontal streaks of color giving it a unique appeal. With this shades you will always be noticeable.    

Subtle Short Blonde Hair Ideas

Short blonde hair has always been in the center of attention. Short hairstyles have been around for a while but with the passage of time they have been upgraded and spiced with some colors. Depending on your personal preferences you can wear your short hair neat and subtle or go bold with it by throwing in some bright highlights. With shades like butter or platinum blonde you can be sure that your hair will never get boring.Subtle Short Blonde Hair IdeasPlatinum Bob Hair

Whether you like to keep it crazy or not, it shouldn’t be an excuse to have a boring hairstyle. This simple yet attractive platinum bob looks luscious enough to avoid being called dull or plain. As you see there is a slight part on the side and a side-swept fringe creates a hint of asymmetry which is too attractive.

Vibrant Red Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The shades of red are incredible and it will look magnificent for anyone who knows how the use a shade that goes well with her skin tone and hair type. However, this shouldn’t be a big deal because there are numerous shades that you can use. Red is a common color that allows you to have it either all over or create a gorgeous design combining with different tints. Whether you prefer dark or light shades, there is still an option for you with red hues. These beautiful examples of 2017 red hair color demonstrate the beauty and the elegance of the shade.Vibrant Red Hair Color Ideas for 2017Natural Ginger Hair

Ginger is a natural plus unusual color and this fact makes it a great choice. This adorable shade can be used to highlight your locks or even as your base shade if you desire. In this particular design it perfectly melts into a red base to create a straightforward hue. She has long straight hair with some volume and it has been styled with a simple center part and side sweep.

2017 Lowlights and Highlights for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair always looks good, with or without highlights and lowlights. However lowlights and highlights may help you to change your appearance without going for dramatical changes. These two techniques can be used to create a gorgeous contrast. Lowlights and highlights add extra depth and dimension to your blonde hair. So, if you want to introduce some changes into your life then have a look at these examples to explore 2017 lowlights and highlights for blonde hair.2017 Lowlights and Highlights for Blonde HairBrown Sombre

You can achieve the same effect of lowlights with a sombre design. In this design your colorist should create a smooth transition from a bold brown shade to light brown and it gives the swirly locks an amazing color. The overall style is unique and it involves some dark streaks that create a beautiful contrast.

Top 10 Hair Color Ideas by Beyonce

Beyonce beats all the hits on the internet. Apart from her talent in music she is always setting trends with her hairstyles. She has experimented with many blonde and brown shades and different hair lengths. The texture and length of her Afro-American hair allow Beyonce to wear anything she wishes. Below we have selected the most fascinating hair color ideas by Beyonce. Have a look and get inspired!top-10-hair-color-ideas-by-beyonceSombre Hair

Since the volume of these long locks is fascinating it helps to create a simple yet very stylish hairstyle. But apart from it the hair involves an incredible brown to light brown ombre design. But you also need to pull everything back to create a delicate look.