Trendy Hair Color Ideas for 2017

All the newest and cool hair color trends for 2017 are founded in these posts. You are a lucky one because now you will be the first of your friends to discover the latest hair color trends. From the cutest pastel shades to the brightest rainbow hair colors you’ll be inspired by the hottest hair dyes. In order to get a brand new look you need a new hair color.

Opal Hair Trend for 2017

It is great when we can explore the latest hair color ideas and come up with new coloring techniques. Last time we have represented you impressive “oil slick” hair trend, this time you will see another gorgeous opal hair trend for 2017 which is also going grab attention. Like oil slick rainbow shades opal has been created by Aura Friedman too.Opal Hair Trend for 2017This season everyone has been interested to know what will happen when you mix grey and rainbow hair colors. Finally we can know that exactly this mixture creates a new trend called “opal”. This paint job features metallic and pastels because of the mixture of opal stone pearl and pink and blue and purple.   

Ronze Hair Color: Hottest Trend of 2017

A sparkling combination of red and bronze tones bounds to get many requests in 2017. The blend of hot red and bronze got the name ‘ronze’ which is also defined as – cool copper red mixed with rich bronze brown shade. It is very interesting to see how hair colorists give the smartest names to their new created mixtures.Ronze Hair Color Hottest Trend of 2017This hair color has been spotted on numerous celebrities. It is considered to be the best choice for coming fall and winter seasons. Of course we are going to discuss an incredible ronze tint deeper, just go on reading our article about the ronze hair color as the hottest trend of 2017 and everything will become more than clear.

Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone 2

Last time we have a chance to represent you blonde and brown shades for light, medium and dark skin tones. Being dominant and most chosen hair colors, blonde and brown are always in trend.Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone 2By the way, there are also some other basic shades like black, red and grey. Before choosing one of these shades, go on reading and find out a right hair color for your skin tone.

Trendy Sombre Hair Colors for 2017

They say that everything old becomes new again. Is that reality? What should we wait to see in coming seasons? They say you need to prepare yourself for the greatest sombre hair ideas. Since it is the subtlest version of ombre, the colorists named it sombre. This trend has gained popularity among Hollywood stars pretty quick.Trendy Sombre Hair Colors for 2017Some tips will guide you when talking to your own colorist at the next appointment. Sombre appears in many shades and even if you are not sure about tints your colorist will help you to make an accurate choice. If you are ready, check out sombre hair colors for 2017 to get inspiration from.

Hair Color Trends for 2017

When it comes to the hair there are some important things to take into consideration: the color and the professionalism it has been done. However the most prominent trend appears to be perfectly natural whether we are looking at the blondes or brunette.Great Hair Color Trends of 2016 2017 Silky chestnut is going to be the most enjoyable trend but things are really getting hotter and better. Perhaps many of you were waiting to meet the most joyful shades to embrace your natural texture. I offer you to check out hair color trends for 2017 and pick up an appropriate shade according to your nature.

10 Stenciling Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Hair stenciling sounds interesting, no? Stencils are meant to paint beautiful and colorful pictures or designs exact on the hair. It is the best moment to add a new hair color trend into your arsenal. Perhaps you have already guessed that stenciling acts more as an accessory tailored on your hair.10 Stenciling Hair Color Ideas for 2017 It goes without saying that a hairstyle created with stencils is going to be a masterpiece. Many hair colorist use temporary hair coloring products, so there is no real commitment, but you can use permanent hair colors for longer lasting too. Below you can find 10 Stenciling Hair Color Ideas for 2017 which will make you literary fall in love.  

10 Celebrities Who Have Gone Grey

Instagram is full of trendsetters who are wearing grey shade. Everyone wants to have granny hair. Well, there can be found grey shades for all skin complexions. If you think that silver or grey tints are new in hair trend, you are mistaken. I have selected 10 celebrities who have gone grey. I am sure they will inspire you to do your next step.   10 Celebrities Who Have Gone GreyPopular Dascha Polanco’s grey-to-lilac ombre hair makes a statement. She said she always wanted to try a grey shade but have never thought about combining it with a pastel lilac shade. One thing is clear Dascha proudly rocks her cool hair color.

Temporary Hair Color Ideas

It happens when ladies browse a new hair color being unsure if they want to commit to the change. In the 21st century you don’t need to worry about anything because whatever your problem is you will always find solutions. Now I want to welcome you in the world of temporary hair dye where you can adopt the most incredible shades.Temporary Hair Colors IdeasThe best thing about temporary hair colors is that they are washed out easily and after it you will not see even a spot of the tint. Many of girls get fascinated by temporary hair hues and it is pretty understandable. Like popular top model Gigi Hadid you can also have fun with the boldest and trendiest hair colors you’d hesitate to wear.

Hottest Blue-Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Have you ever tried blue-black hair color? If you are an adventurous woman then only a black or blue tint will seem monotone for you. Actually it is the darkest blue shade with black undertones.Hottest Blue Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017Sometimes you can even feel confused about these two shades but it is completely okay. If you are looking to embrace your natural texture then check out these delicately different ways of wearing subtle blue black hair color ideas in 2017.

Top 10 Blonde-Brown Hair Colors

Here you are going to see brand new blonde-brown hair trends for upcoming season. Subtle balayages will provide you an outstanding look. The blend of these two shades is not new in fashion industry but they are frequently evolving. The multi-dimensional and low -maintenance combination of blonde and brown hints will highlight your skin complexion and flatter your face features.Top 10 Blonde Brown Hair Color IdeasIt is neither snug blonde nor snug brown, it is all about hair highlights added to your natural texture. This hair color idea is perfect for the event that you are willing to have a sparkling and attractive look. Just feast your eyes on top 10 blonde-brown hair color ideas to be accurate in your choice.