Newest Ombre Hair Color Trends for 2017

Ombre hair colors for 2017 are prettier and nicer than the versions we used to have in previous years. Colombre, balayage and sombre are taken to the next level. These flashy and fresh hair color mixtures provide us with dark roots and lighter tips in a variety of shades. Try one of the best versions as your latest and most attractive hair color trend.

Pastel Ombre Hair for 2017

Nowadays there are many ways to change your hairstyle. If you want to introduce something new into your daily life then you should think about cool hair color ideas. Ombre style is not new in fashion industry; we can say that day by day they are creating new ways of sporting an ombre hair.pastel ombre hair for 2017If you are someone who doesn’t afraid to go for various experiments in order to draw attention, then you are in the right place because if you go on reading you will see the most impressive pastel ombre hair  for 2017.

Sombre Hair Color Inspiration for 2017

Let me represent to you one of the biggest hair color trends for 2017; sombre hair color. While many are admired of the classic ombre coloring technique some have already fallen in love with the one called sombe. So, what is the sombre coloring method? Actually it’s closer to the ombre style but there are some differences. Compared with ombre sombe is subtler and more natural-looking. Like in the case of ombre hair colors here again we meet dark roots and lighter ends of hair.sombre hair colors 2017 If ombre shows of the big difference between the two tones sombre provides with a cool mixture of two tones and this the secret why it looks more natural than ombre. Though you get your tips lighter but this happens gradually and more harmoniously. It seems as if you dark shade melts into a lighter one keeping its ravishing softness. You can get a stunning ombre hair color even on your natural shade using a lighter hair color for the medium part and for the tips.

2017 Amazing Dark Ombre Hair Colors

Black, red and brunette ombre hair colors are considered as the most glamorous dark ombre hair colors for 2017. Actually these are also known as classic ombre hair colors which are ready to beautify your hair. It is a well-known fact that long hair is a plus for any kind of ombre but today’s innovative and creative hair coring ideas allow us to create more fascinating ombre hair colors on any length of hair. Check out the best list of dark ombre hair colors to use this year.dark ombre hair color 2017Black to Red Ombre Hair Color

Naturally black hair color almost always requires attention and updates. If you are tired of your monotone dark hair color then opt for the black to red ombre. Keep the roots in their natural dark shade or dye in a jet black and go for red on the tips. Choose burgundy, auburn or dark Marsala red hair colors in order to create a harmonious effect between the two dark shades. Once you dye the tips in a red shade your hair becomes warmer and hotter.

Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The bolder your hair color the more eye-catching it is. However there are some important rules when it comes to edgy hair colors. The trendy two-tone hair colors for 2017 mainly include the natural-looking sombre, cool ombre and the popular dip dyed shades. Ladies who are in a search of a new two-tone hair color the check out the most beautiful bold and subtle two-tone hair colors to try this year. Before pulling off any of these hair colors make sure you always follow the instructions.two-tone hair colors for 2017Dip-Dye Hair Colors

Dip dye is the technique which requires the tips of your hair. The longer the air the more beautiful dip-dye looks. In this case there are several methods to use to achieve the dip-dye hair color. If you want to get a vibrant result on naturally dark hair then pre-lighten with help of the LIVE Lightener like the high-quality Max Blonde 00B. After this you can apply the chosen shade to the ends of your locks and leave for 30-45 minutes and then rinse with hair color protective shampoo and conditioner.

2017 Hot Balayage Hair Color

The question what is balayage interests many women and stylists. Today we will discover the best balayage hair colors for 2017 to help you realize what it is in reality and who can pull off the balayage perfectly. Balayage have been around for a while but its technique continues to admire many of us. It is one of the most requested hair colors in salons and special for you we did our best to find out the nature of this soft coloring idea.balayage hair colors 2017What is Balayage: So, let’s finally answer this question. Balayage is a French word which means to paint or to sweep. It provides out hair with a natural-looking touch and brings back the shade which we used to have as children. Actually it is a high-shine, sun-kissed soft hair color to match with different ski tones. The best and the most inspiring part about the lovely balayage is that it is recommended both for blondes and brunettes.

5 Gorgeous Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2017

Is it true that blondes are more feminine and attractive? Well, femininity is not something to decide by a hair color but the subtler your shade the more seductive you’ll look. In this case many brunettes go for blonde hair colors and natural blondes opt for shiner and fresher hues. It is worth to try out a new blonde hair color in 2016 to switch up your look. So, let’s discover the posh and ritzy blondes right now.blonde hair colors 2016Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Buttery blonde is matte hair color with a hardly noticeable natural shine on. This shade is a cute sun-kissed blonde that works well with cool and medium skin tones. It looks very harmonious with light eyes. Naturally blonde ladies who want to warm up their base hair color may take a yellowish buttery blonde. It is a good choice especially for spring and summer seasons.

Ombre Hair Color Inspiration for 2017

Do you want to switch up your hair color? What about huge transformation? While hair colorist are busy in discovering and inventing new hair coloring ideas we are still admired by the hot ombre hair colors in 2017. This big trends continues to keep its place on the hot list of the stylish hair colors and amuses as with its versatility. Today we will be inspired by the most beautiful more hair colors for all length of hair including even pixie haircuts. So, get ready for a cool hair color idea.ombre hair colors for 2017Light Ombre Hair Color

Light blonde hair colors that look so natural make great combinations on hair. They look very natural and fresh in cool shades. You can combine ash blonde roots with platinum blonde tips. The final effect is light and subtle blonde ombre which goes with cool complexions and light eyes. Women with dark eye hues can keep the roots a bit darker.