Shiny Silver Hair Colors for 2017

Reveal the shiniest silver hair colors for 2017 and say goodbye to dull and gloomy hair. Silver hair color trends differ from the rest of hues with their super shine and celestial effects. They are sometimes paired with dark roots, pastel blue highlights and fresh haircuts. Pick the most suitable silver hair color according to your base shade and complexion.

Pastel Ombre Hair for 2017

Nowadays there are many ways to change your hairstyle. If you want to introduce something new into your daily life then you should think about cool hair color ideas. Ombre style is not new in fashion industry; we can say that day by day they are creating new ways of sporting an ombre hair.pastel ombre hair for 2017If you are someone who doesn’t afraid to go for various experiments in order to draw attention, then you are in the right place because if you go on reading you will see the most impressive pastel ombre hair  for 2017.

Grey Hair Color Ideas from Celebrities

Grey hair is for everyone and whether you already have gray or not one day you are supposed to notice this shade on your hair. However some are inpatient and reasonably go for the ravishing grey hair color in 2016. Due to many celebrities today grey has become a big trend and is used by younger women who don’t have even a single grey strand on their hair. celebrity grey hair color 2017Kylie Jenner, Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Dasha Polanco and Rita Ora are the most famous celebrities who have gone for different shades of grey throughout their hairstyle makeover. Each of them had her own style and shade of grey which allows us to copy the best grey hair color for our skin tone and base hair color.

Grey Hair Color Trends to Use in 2017

When it comes unusual hair colors we often meet the lovely grey. With all the dark and light shades grey sparkle in its subtle and glamorous effect. This hair color is the biggest trends for 2017 and offers us innovative and cool hair coloring ideas. Below you are going to see trendy grey hair color ideas for 2017 among which you can pick the right hue for your complexion. Being a natural human hair color different tones of grey go with different skin tones. We hope you’ll find yours with the help of your hair colorist.grey hair colors 2017Dark Grey Hair Color

Before dying your hair in any grey shade you should know that it requires deep bleaching and healing. If you are afraid of too light bleaching the go for dark grey hair color which have the modern ash-y touch in them. Dark grey shades work well with medium to dark skin toes, dark eyes and are deal for natural brunettes. If you already notice a few greys on your hair then instead of hiding them with darker shade pull off a cool dark grey hair color all over your tresses.  

5 Gorgeous Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2017

Is it true that blondes are more feminine and attractive? Well, femininity is not something to decide by a hair color but the subtler your shade the more seductive you’ll look. In this case many brunettes go for blonde hair colors and natural blondes opt for shiner and fresher hues. It is worth to try out a new blonde hair color in 2016 to switch up your look. So, let’s discover the posh and ritzy blondes right now.blonde hair colors 2016Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Buttery blonde is matte hair color with a hardly noticeable natural shine on. This shade is a cute sun-kissed blonde that works well with cool and medium skin tones. It looks very harmonious with light eyes. Naturally blonde ladies who want to warm up their base hair color may take a yellowish buttery blonde. It is a good choice especially for spring and summer seasons.