Rose Gold Hair Colors in Different Salons of the World

Rose gold hair color hits the hair fashion. It is the most feminine shade that women love to pull off. When it comes to the applying of the tone, there are various techniques to pick from. Nowadays rose gold hair color comes up with several names- blorange, soft peach and etc. You may see that in different regions and countries hair stylist show different approach to the look. However it mostly depends on colorist’s taste and creativity. It is also important to choose a shade of rose gold that compliments the skin tone and brings out the eyes. Go on reading to see rose gold hair colors in different salons of the world.Rose Gold Hair Colors in Different Salons of the WorldStrawberry Blonde Hair Color

This is how the hair colorists of Guatemala pull off the rose gold look. The pinkish shades have been added to blonde tresses to create a luscious strawberry blonde hair color. The more pink the better because it is just right time of the year to embrace this lovely trend. Take your solid blonde hair color to a notch higher with pink tones.Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorBold Rose Gold

If you take your time and dig around the internet, you will find the hottest rainbow hair looks created by hair colorists in South Africa. Here is the boldest shade of rose gold hair that is also pretty vibrant. The bright shade of pink compliments dark skin complexion and brings out the color of the eyes. It is an excellent option for softening your look.Bold Rose GoldRose Gold Balayage

It seems women in Sweden are obsessed with rose gold balayage. Any hair color achieved through balayage technique looks pretty subtle and feminine. Here is the best proof of my words. A little bit darker roots work well against warm peach hair. This shade looks good on women with warm and dark skin tones. If you have cool skin complexion ask your hair colorist for a cooler tone.Rose Gold BalayageRose Gold Hair Color with Dark Roots

Brazilian women prefer this look of rose gold hair trend. It looks exceptionally gorgeous on curly hair. Well, dark roots are always good as they reduce the maintenance of the color. You don’t have to call your hair colorist as soon as you spot a grown out root. With the help of makeup accentuate your eyes and lips.Rose Gold Hair Color with Dark RootsCandy-Colored Rose Gold Hair Color

This is probably the trendiest rose gold hair look ever. South Korean model Irene Kim knows how to pull off the look in a right way. Recently she has spotted with candy-colored hair at Fashion Week. A little bit lighter roots and darker tips create a lovely color transition that is simply irresistible.Candy-Colored Rose Gold Hair ColorPink Toner for Blondes

Well, don’t want to commit fully? Opt for pink toner if you have light blonde hair. It works only for blondes, brunettes will have to lift their locks to the lighter shade of blonde and then apply the tone. A hint of pink enhances the entire look of blonde hair while giving it even more feminine touch.blonde hair color with a hint of rose



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