Top 5 Rose Gold Hair Color Looks for 2018

Rose gold hair colors have been popular over ages and they are still so much desirable for ladies out there. There are modern ways to experiment with this unconventional shade. Don’t leave your rose tone stand alone as it can be matched with many other hues. It makes a great combination when paired with red, blonde or even brunette tones. What makes this feminine shade so wearable, is that it truly complements any skin tone. Whether you are looking for a whole new hair color, or you want to add a few highlights to enrich your natural hair, these top 5 rose gold hair colors for 2018 may be what you are searching for. It is the highest moment to get a dreamy hair look.rose gold hair colors for 2018Rose Gold Hair Color for Brunettes

Brunette babes, you don’t have to give up on this trend as it looks great equally well on you. The most important thing to remember is that rose gold is a vibrant shade, so you will want to bleach your strands to lighter tone. Rose gold makes a great option for an ombre pattern. Keep the roots dark and apply the highlights towards the tips. It is an amazing tone that maintains some of your natural tone on the top.Rose Gold Hair Color for BrunettesClassic Rose Hair Color

A simple crop may sometimes look boring and dull, so adding a pop of color to it is the best solution. Indeed, there are numerous color solutions but rose gold makes a great option for ladies who are looking for a daring style. Indeed, it is a bright color to set you apart from the public. However, this color will add a touch of elegance to your style.Classic Rose Hair ColorWashed out Rose Gold

Feeling a little bit rebellious and want to change up your hair color? This washed out rose gold is a way to go with. The sweet pastel is right on trend and may help you make a fashion statement. However, if you are ready to commit, you should also be ready for taking some bleaching sessions. Also ask your hair colorist for the best color treatments.Washed out Rose GoldGlossy Rose Gold Hair Color

The most exciting thing about rose hair color is that it allows you to experiment with numerous tones. I should admit that multi-tone rose gold looks a lot a better. The darker shades of pink blend quite well with lighter tones. This amazing sample should be the example to inspire you. Note that the addition of curl adds extra volume and shine to the strands.Glossy Rose Gold Hair ColorCotton Candy Hair

I have already mentioned that pink complements numerous skin tones and eye colors including black complexion. This black women rocks cotton candy pink on her ultra-short tresses. Well, with this much short hair, you don’t have to worry about upkeep. Have a look at this model and take example from it.Cotton Candy Hair



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