2017 Hair Highlights for Grey Hair

What do you generally do when you notice your first grays? Do you ignore or just start to think of hiding ideas? If you love your grey hair but still want to add a little bit of charm then the trendy hair highlights for grey hair for 2017 will come for help. You don’t need to dye all your hair in another shade to cover the greys. You’d better opt for the right styles to embrace your new natural hair color. Check out these highlighting ideas and use them in the nearest future to beautify the ravishing grey shade.hair highlights for grey hair 2017Pastel Highlights for Grey Hair

Girlish, subtle, trendy; his is the discretion of the pastel highlights on grey hair. Light pastel pink, blue, green, purple and blue shades are the best colorful hues for grey hair. They create a harmonious and imposing effect on hair. The see and a bit arm ouch that popular pastel highlights add to grey hair can’t be compared with any other delicacy.pastel highlights for grey hair 2017Purple Highlights for Grey Hairgrey hair with purple highlights 2017Dark grey hair looks very attractive with lavender highlights, and light grey locks are sophisticated with lighter lilac highlights. It seems as if this is your natural hair color but who has ever seen purple human hair color? It’s just so harmonious and natural-looking. According to your hair length and style you can add purple highlights either on the tips or on the front layers.purple highlights for grey hair 2017Grey Hair with Turquoise Highlights

The darker your grey hair the more natural turquoise highlights will look on it. However light grays are also very beautiful with blue-greenish highlights. Lately turquoise hair color is become demanded among young brunettes but who says that it is a good hue only for dark hair? It can go well with many light grey hair colors as well. Just find the most matching turquoise highlights for your silver tresses.grey hair with turquoise highlights 2017Silver Blue Highlights for Grey Hairsilver blue highlights for grey hair 2017In order to bring the sky-blue on your hair op for silver blue highlights. This reflection of the silvery moon o grey hair is not only so shiny but also very delicate. Depending on the darkness of your grey hair you an opt either for dark or light silver blue highlights. They can be placed on long hair from the roots to the tips and on medium hair from the mid-parts to the tips.grey hair with silver blue highlights 2017Platinum Blonde Highlights for Grey Hair

What do you think of the glossy platinum blonde hair color? Does it appeal to you too? While many use it and finish with failure we offer you to add platinum blonde highlights on grey hair. No matter what kind of complexion you have, if your grey hair is light then platinum blonde is all you need for it. It will add extra-shine, healthy effect and glamorous touch to your hairstyle. In order to get the perfect well-balanced finish avoid yellowish platinum blonde and pick whitish hues instead.  platinum blonde highlights for grey hair 2017



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