2017 Dark Funky Hair Colors with Edgy Hairstyles

In spite of the opinions that funky hair colors are ridiculous there are such shades that look marvelous on hair. We have found some great dark funky hair colors for 2017 to inspire you with new, fresh fun and bright hues. If you have decided to take your hairstyle to the next level then start with a brand new funky hair color. Each of these shades is able to change your entire look and to make it more ye-catching. Just consult with a stylist to pick the right tint.funky hair colors 2017Dark Green Hair Color and Faux Bob

Dark green is a mysterious and shiny hair color for brunettes. It best goes with black hair and tends to make it deeper and richer in shades. Dark green is not only a flashy but also a cool hair color that brings out light complexions. One can match it with her green eyes and get a well-balanced effect. As for the hairstyles. Here is a trendy faux bob hat you can style on your dark green hair to showcase the silky and shiny hues.dark green hair color 2017Dark Red Hair Color and Pixie Cut

Dark red and pixie cuts create incredible hairstyles together. Each pixie haircut requires and fresh and glossy hair color to sparkle beautifully and to look feminine. Dark red is great choice for any type of pixie haircut but it demands special care and color protective products to be in form. Both blonde and brunettes can pull off a gorgeous dark red hair color on their short pixie haircuts and natural redheads are welcome to darken up their shade with a brand new hue.dark red pixie 2017Dark Purple Hair Color and Straight Layered Hairstyle

Dark and vibrant purple or the so called plum is a popular bold hair color for 2017. It is worn on different hairstyles and looks nice with tanned and olive skin tones. However, those with light complexions can darken it a little bit with the help of the purple. Long straight, layered and asymmetrical haircuts are the best combinations for dark purple hair colors.dark purple hair color 2017Dark Blue Hair Color and Short Asymmetrical Haircut

What else can be so stylish if not the modern asymmetrical haircut in an edgy hair color? There is something too sophisticates in the different shades of blue matched in one hairstyle. The short and longer layered cuts of the asymmetrical hairstyles allow you to play with different dark blue hair colors. Just unlock your shade. You can even dye the fringe on one and the rest of hair in another blue hair color.dark funky blue hair 2017Dark Turquoise Ombre Hair Color

Dark brown or black roots with long dark turquoise tips that provide with a nice ombre hair color become trendy after Kylie Jenner pulled off this hairstyle. Who says only short hairstyles are funky and bold? Using your limitless fantasy you can create unique and original long funky hairstyles thanks to dark and bold hair colors like the turquoise ombre. So, just do it!dark turquoise ombre hair color 2017



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