2017 Hair Colors Look Like Famous Paintings

Hair coloring techniques are going crazy! Day by day we can see new ways of coloring the strands.  Well, 2017 hair colors are going to look like famous paintings. Are you surprised? Although most of you will take it easy since we have already understood that the colorists can get inspired from everything- food, paintings and etc. These colors remind us of the most popular paintings. However they are not for soft heart ladies because it takes some courage to wear strands like these.2017 Hair Colors Look Like Famous PaintingsWho is the Colorist? Hairstylist Ursula Goff takes inspiration for famous paintings to create a stunning and unique hair color like nothing you have seen before. By sharing the fantastic looks on her Instagram page, she made a new statement in hair coloring industry. Her followers adore her masterful hair colors and totally appreciate her effort. What about you?

“Starry Night” Van Gogh  

In this picture it is more than visible that Ursula Goff chose Van Gogh’s popular work to use as inspiration. Well, it is crazy but she has perfectly achieved whatever she wanted. To recreate this look you will need to opt for a color combination that involves blue-green, dark brown and yellow shades. These shades create a multidimensional effect that work really well on wavy strands.starry night van gogh hair “The Scream” Edvard Munch

Here is another cool hairstyle based on a popular painting. In this look Goff used the shades of Munch’s most well-know painting- “The Scream”. A gorgeous blend of yellows, orange, purples and blues creates a striking balance of warm and cool tints. However the colors are super bright, so before pulling them off, consult with your colorist. It is not a low-maintenance look, so get ready for regular touchups.the scream edvard munch hair color inspiration“Girl with a Pearl Earring” Johannes Vermeer

What about this option? It is another art work that looks great on medium-length hair. Well, it is a more muted look filled with browns and blues and this hairstyle contrasts with the brighter neon looks in Goff’s portfolio. However like other shades this one is also high-maintenance and it will be better to find a colorist who is familiar with this trend.Girl with a Pearl Earring Johannes Vermeer hair color trend“The Marilyn Diptych” Andy Warhol

Everyone would understand that this look has been inspired by the most popular portrait of Andy Warhol “The Marilyn Diptych”. Goff’s neon yellow and pink shades have been perfectly combined to create a vibrant hairstyle. With a headdress like this you will definitely stand out in the crowd.The Marilyn Diptych Andy Warhol hair color trend



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