2017 Hygge Hair Colors for Everyone

We have a new name in hair fashion. Welcome latest hygge hair color trend in 2017. This lovely trend is all about making your life easier and cozier. For this reason it is impossible not to love this trend. Generally the word hygge is popping up in everything from food to furniture. Now it is used to describe the color of the locks. The meaning of the word is “comfort” and it is related to the word “hug”. 2017 is basically a year of warmth and comfort so this color is all about warm mix of coppers, browns, buttery blondes and oranges.2017 Hygge Hair Colors for EveryoneHygge hair color is the hottest trend right now and it requires blending toasty, glowing shades such as caramel blonde, rich auburn, golden reds and etc. These warm hues give an organic quality to the color, making it not only the hottest trend right now but also the most natural trend. If you are obsessed with natural-looking hair colors, you are going to love “hygge” hair color as well.

rose brown hygge hair color

rose brown hygge hair color

Cinnamon Fade

It is a rich hair color that has lots of red tones. Popular hair colorist Christine Silverman created this look and named it “cinnamon fade”. She explains that she has achieved the color in one step by warming up old highlights with red gloss. It is an excellent option for ladies who want to liven up their locks with minimal coloring.Cinnamon Fade

Buttery Blonde

This buttery blonde hair color is an excellent option for ladies who are looking for a perfect upgrade. It is a warm tone that enhances the blonde tresses while maintaining natural-looking color. The color looks absolutely amazing on long bob. The buttery blonde brings out light eyes and medium skin tone. We highly recommend skipping champagne hues.Buttery BlondeBronde Hair Color

Go for golden hues with this color that is as soft as it is striking. Blonde and brown tones perfectly blend into each other creating a straightforward hygge hair color. This warm shade can be worn in any season of the year. Medium-length haircut brings out the beauty of this cozy hair color.bronde hair colorLight Golden Toffee

What about this light, golden-toffee? It perfectly blends over natural auburn hair color. It is a modern take on bronde hair color trend. If you can’t commit between brown and blonde tones, this option may work great for you. The dark brown shade gets lighter towards the tips providing a low-maintenance look with warm shades. This trendy golden toffee is what you need to update your current hair color.Light Golden ToffeeWarm Peach Tones

When warm peach meets pink the result happens to be sweet hair like this one. It is a classic take on peach-pink hair. The look has been created by Australian trendsetting salon known as The Fox & The Hair”. If you like this idea of wearing warm hair colors, show this picture to your hair colorist and ask for the same hair look with darker roots. Try this style and turn many heads.peach hair color



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