2017 Spring Hair Colors for All Skin Tones

Whether it is a new hair color or a new haircut, you are probably trying to add some inspiration for your next makeover. Here you may find the best inspiration for your next hair color. It is recommended considering your skin tone before you will change your hair color. Most of women do their hair color choice based on their preferences but the preference is not enough. Go on reading to find 2017 spring hair colors for all skin tones. Regardless of your natural texture and skin tone you will find your favorite hair color among these gorgeous celebrities.2017 Spring Hair Colors for All Skin TonesFair Skin Tone

Hair shades for this stunning skin tone can be lighter such as platinum blonde, white blonde or light brown. These shades work exceptionally well against fair skin complexion. However to achieve one of these shades your colorist will need to figure out the undertones of your skin tone. In case if you have warm undertones, opt for golden blonde, mahogany or light blonde achieved through balayage technique. If you are a woman with cool undertones consider light coffee brown or ash brown.blonde hair color for fair skin toneFair to Medium Skin Tone

Medium to fair skin tones allow you to experiment with various hair colors. There is a very wide range of hair colors to choose from- from dark black to hot red. The colorists pick the right shade for you based on your eye color. Hazel-eyed ladies can go with black, medium brown or golden brown hair colors. Auburn hue also may enhance your complexion. If you have blue or green eyes, go ahead with blondes or light browns.brown hair color for medium skin toneMedium to Oliver Skin Tone

Deep rich brown hair color stands against this skin tone. If you are looking for extra depth and dimension consider placing some highlights in a subtle gold or honey. However every shade of brown will look good on you. Ask your colorist for a shade that will bring out your natural glow. If you are planning to go blonde, ask for golden blonde shade. Be extra careful while choosing a red hair color for you. Play around copper, mahogany and red brown hues.auburn hair color for medium to olive skin toneDark Skin Tone

It is not recommended choosing a hair color that is too close to your skin tone as it may make your features disappear. So, the best tones for women with dark skin complexion are espresso and inky black. They create a striking look while giving a color to the face. Ask your colorist for mahogany or toffee to bring out the apricot tones in your skin.dark hair color for dark skin tone



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