Blorange: New Hot Hair Color Trend for 2017

Well, get ready to go brighter on the hair horizon, since this new trend is all about brighter shades. Last year we have managed to see lots of dusty and coppery red hues but 2017 is bringing us a more whimsical version of these trends, so meet blorange! It is a mix of blonde and orange that creates a juicy look. We can also say that blorange is an updated version of the rose trend. This new trend is particularly good for fair and golden skin tones. Go on reading to find some amazing blorange hair color trend for 2017.blorange hair color for 2017Sombre Blorange Hair

If you don’t feel like going for a full head of blorange, opt for a more-subtle ombre effect instead. The darker roots reduce maintenance and make it affordable. Start with a style like this since it will be less damaging to your hair. It is impossible not to love the contrast created by natural black and purple shades. Just keep up with the latest trends and rock blorange.Sombre Blorange HairBlorange with Dark Roots

If you are in love with pink hair and you can’t do anything with that here is an excellent option to update it. We offer you to transition your hair to the redder hue while maintaining your darker roots, like the one you see here. The strands are styled in a messy pattern to bring out the beauty of blorange hair color. It is an irresistible look to copy.Blorange with Dark RootsBlorange Reverse Ombre

Go for a reverse ombre look to take the trend to another colorful level. It is a hue that will be pretty hard for you to achieve, ask your hair colorist for a look like this. It will be better to take this picture with you, so that your colorist will know what exactly you want to achieve. Style your strands in waves for a simple yet chic look.Blorange Reverse OmbreBlorange Hair

If you have already had light hair color you don’t need to go for bleaching, just apply the shades to your hair and achieve a cool blorange hair. In case if you are a brunette, you will have to bring your base color lighter to see the same result. Since the color is already rich, you don’t have to go for sophisticated hairstyles. Keep your strands simple with waves.Blorange HairDark Roots with Light Tips

Dark roots with the pink ends in your new way to go. The dark roots paired with lighter tips create an amazing ombre design. With darker roots you don’t have to go for regular touchups, but use color-enhancing products to keep that shine go. So, this picture can be the best source of inspiration for your next makeover.Dark Roots with Light Tips



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