Blue Denim Hair Trends for 2017

2017 blue denim is one of those gorgeous avant-garde shades that are worth to try out. It is an unnatural tone but it’s so muted that ends up being totally wearable.  The most important thing is to know which denim shade is for you though there are tones available for all ladies out there. If you have cool skin complexion go for icy shades such as navy blue, silvery blue, sky blue, indigo, while yellow or olive skin wearers should consider warmer hues such as turquoise, mint and dark marine blue. However denim looks great with lots of texture, so you can play with various highlights and lowlights. The technique of getting it is up to you: balayage, ombre, sombre and etc.     Blue Denim Hair Trends for 2017Like various unnatural hair colors blue denim also requires lots of care so after coloring your strands consider using sulfate-free shampoos and hair masks that contain coconut oil. Before using hair tools, apply a heat-protecting spray. Your blue denim color will look better on healthy strands.

denim waves

denim waves

Voluminous Blue Denim Hair

In this style the hair roots start out dark but they gradually fade into s stony silver that gets that denim effect. To have a color like this you will want to find a professional hair colorist. Apart from the rich denim color, the hair also has an incredible natural texture and extra length. She has styled her locks into waves to bring out the beauty of the tones.Voluminous Blue Denim HairIndigo Denim Hair

I have already mentioned that girls with cool skin complexions should opt for icy shades and indigo is one of them. A mixture of slate and indigo waves has been paired with baby blue highlights. This model has beautifully side parted her hair to make this color combination even more vivid. We are truly in love with this hair!Indigo Denim HairBlue Denim Locks

This is another example how two shades of denim gather to form a gorgeous hairstyle. To get a rich hair color like this, you need to mix violet and arctic blue tones and create a matte denim finish. The roots are dark and that makes the things easy to maintain. To finish the look, style your locks into gorgeous waves.Blue Denim LocksMelted Balayage Steel

You hair colorist have to intoduce silver, navy and baby blue in balayage pattern to get a flawless effect like this one. The wavy hair with lots of texture is just super romantic and it forms a gorgeous headdress. However balayage technique is the best way to create an excellent color melt.  Melted Balayage Steel



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