Bright Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Bold and vibrant hair colors are always being adopted by women with bright personalities. Perhaps a fresh hair shade is the greatest way to show off your inner world. These unconventional shades can be applied using different methods. Thanks to modern hair color techniques, you can easily make your hair dream come true. Today you are going to see some creative yet ultra bold hair colors for 2017. If you haven’t chosen something for you yet, read on and get idea on how you can experiment with your hair shade.Bright Hair Color Ideas for 2017Neon Green Hair Color

Here is a shocking hair color idea for brave heart females. It is a neon green hue that is used as an all over color. It goes without saying that it is not an easy style to manage but it is not something impossible as well. As soon as you get your hair lifted to the lightest shade of blonde, you can easily apply this vivid hue. A bold hair color requires a bold hairstyle- there is nothing better than a crazy Hawk.Neon Green Hair ColorPurple and Pink Hair Color

It is the highest moment to unleash your creativity. Use your imagination to mix the most radiant shades and achieve a unique yet mind-blowing hair color. Here is another style that requires giving the strands different tones of pinks and purples. Unevenly styled zigzag curls take the entire look a notch higher. You can also use your clips to create an editorial headband.Purple and Pink Hair ColorMultidimensional Hair Color

What about this color combo? It features every single hue of rainbow-from yellow to pink. Note that the shades are pretty light that’s why they work well together. While wearing a rainbow hair color there are some important things to take into consideration. First of all make sure that the tints you have chosen work well together. Consult your colorist to know whether these tones will flatter your skin complexion or not.Multidimensional Hair ColorPeachy Pink Perfection

This ravishing example proves that it is not necessary to mix several tones to create a stunning hair color. The peachy pink is the greatest idea for women, who have always dreamed to embrace their inner mermaid. This warm hair color has been enhanced with the help of a single braid and brushed out waves. It looks absolutely amazing on women with warm skin tone.Peachy Pink PerfectionRed Hair Color

When it comes to this style, it is for all redheads out there. So, if you want to create this unusual hair look, ask your stylist for green plant, lemon-yellow and blush ruby-rose shades. No doubt, the style is pretty bold and it is going to set you apart from the others. Keep your hair straight to make the tones even more vivid.Red Hair ColorDark Rainbow Hair Color

To achieve this particular style you will have to find a skillful hair colorist. The look is inspired by the reflection of the light. Note that the hair stylist applied color to be seen more or less based on the movement of hair. To style it opt for a simple half up half down style with the braids at the front.Dark Rainbow Hair Color



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