Different Ways To Rock Green Hair in 2017

In hair trends boundaries are becoming wider and wider. It is the best moment to think out of the box and go for unconventional colors. Experimentation with such colors is at its peak and these shades are becoming as common as classic hair colors (blonde, brown, black). Have you ever thought of wearing green hair? Well, it is a hot trend right now and you can rock this shade in various ways. Green highlights look fantastic when paired with a natural colored base and green ombre is incredible as well.  Feel free to pair this unnatural shade with other pastel hues. Now have a look at the pictures of green hair for 2017 and get inspired from.Different Ways To Rock Green Hair in 2017Lime Green Highlights

Give a cool vibe to your black or brown hair by adding some lime green streaks to it! Lime green sections will perfectly blend with your natural dark hair and make the color transition flawless. Just make sure you are using the right hair products to protect your black and green color and your hair. This color combo looks great on any hair length so feel free to wear it either on your sort or long strands.Lime Green HighlightsPeek a Boo Green Hair

This is the sweetest look ever. Cotton candy hair just got a better appearance! If you want to re-create this cute style you will need to add some lime green peek a boo highlights to your pink and blue hair. The result is going to be a unique rainbow hair that is in demand. However it is a high-maintenance look that requires lots of care when done with permanent hair dye.Peek a Boo Green HairPastel Green Hair

Well, your creativity will always provide you with a mind-blowing look. If you have already head a unique hair color but you still want to experiment with green hair, then this options is great for you. Just add a horizontal stripe of green hair across your pastel hair and you will get what you desired.Pastel Green HairMulticolored Pixie for Black Women

The best thing about green hair is that it can be taken by women with different complexion. This black woman has paired her green color with a vibrant purple shade and the result happened to be multicolored hair. The colors look absolutely gorgeous on a pixie cut. If you are fond of bold and edgy style then don’t hesitate to adopt this look.Multicolored Pixie for Black WomenGreen Dip Dye Hair

You can take your ombre a step further by dip dyeing the tips with a unique neon green color. This look is great on ashy blonde base and adds a colorful edge to the style. Just take a risk and give it a try!Green Dip Dye Hair



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