Dreamy Rainbow Balayage Hair for 2017

Well, when the hair colorists represented us the balayage dye technique we never wanted to look back. This technique requires painting color onto your hair and it is the most low-maintenance way to achieve sun-kissed strands. Balayage is used to provide with a natural looking appearance but now it should definitely be in your rainbow arsenal as well. Below you will see some dreamy rainbow balayage hair colors for 2017 that involve a perfect blend of balayage and rich, vibrant hues.Dreamy Rainbow Balayage Hair for 2017Warm-Toned Balayage

This incredible hairstyle is a result of balayage technique. Well, just because you hair has got some color doesn’t mean it can’t be understated. Just try to tone down your unicorn hair with a warm-toned balayage style and the result will be incredible. It is a color combo to stand out in the crowd and make a fashion statement. Style your strands in waves to show off this chic color mix.Warm Toned BalayageRed Orange Balayage

This option will allow you to feel fire in your hair. This hairstyle has roots with a rich depth of maroon and tips as if bleached by the sun to have a bright orange shade. It is a true masterpiece in modern hair styling. By the way it is not a low-maintenance look, the orange and bright red shades are somehow unnatural, so be ready for regular touchups.Red Orange BalayageThree-Toned Balayage Hair

Candy colors are still a hot trend. These three-colored balayage strands will definitely change one’s simple look into something mind-blowing and head turning. It is a bold yet stylish way to show off your personality and draw attention.  Anyway you can pick up colors that are more sophisticated. The balayage technique is great to blend the shades harmoniously and provide with a trendy hairstyle.Three toned balayage HairBalayage Rainbow Hair

If you are someone who likes to experiment with new crazy hair trends, then you will definitely love this option. It’s a multidimensional hairstyle that involves various rainbow shades to create lots of contrast. The long strands make an excellent canvas for painting the shades and showing off the sophistication of the style. You will grab attention with this headdress.Balayage Rainbow HairPastel and Neon Balayage Hair

It is important to know what shades you want to blend together to achieve a perfect rainbow hair. Uneven chosen shades may destroy your overall look. Before wearing rainbow hues, consult with your colorist to know all cons and pros of that look. This particular hairstyle is all about pastel and neon shades. As you see, they look great in balayage pattern.Pastel and Neon Balayage Hair



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