Ecaille Hair Color Trend for 2017

Perhaps like many hair color fanatics you are also looking for a cool dye technique. Here we have something to suggest you- “ecaille” that means tortoise shell in French. It is still one if the hottest trends of the year. According to the top artists ecaille is a freehand color technique close to balayage or freehand painting. The main difference is that instead of using lightener you have to create a gorgeous blend effect on the hair. You shouldn’t confuse ecaille with ombre or balayage since they all provide with different effects. Ecaille is great for ladies who are looking for a low-maintenance hair color. Touchups every three to four months are more than enough. Now have a look at some pictures of ecaille hair color trend for 2017 and get inspired from.Ecaille Hair Color Trend for 2017Black Pearl Ecaille

Here is an incredible look provided by ecaille technique. It adds a shine line with cool tones such as silver and steel metals. This color is meant to accentuate eyes and give a fresh shine to the bangs. It looks super natural and elegant. However make sure that you have opted for a right haircut otherwise your look will not seem complete.Black Pearl EcailleBurnished Bronze Ecaille Hair

What about this option? It looks as perfect as previous one. This color is incredible for brunettes who want to create a sun-kissed effect on their strands. The melting bronze makes the brown color seem like the sunset is shining on it. It is really possible to make a statement without wearing the most extreme shades. It’s your turn to shine and you know how to do that!Burnished Bronze Ecaille HairChic Ebony Ecaille

The things are really getting hotter! If you are fond of classic and elegant styles then this look is definitely for you. Ebony ecaille is fantastic for females with pixie cuts and naturally dark hair because it adds elegant, pearly lighter brown shades. Anyway the gorgeous melt of a cool metal and warm shades create a natural palette.Chic Ebony EcailleMolten Glow Ecaille Hair

What can be cooler and sexier than this molten glow ecaille hair? It gives the illusion of movement to dark, straight hair. The sheen of the strands is just incredible. As you see this color works really well on bob haircut. For a simple styling you just need to go for waves. Well, you can really have fun with your brunette strands.Molten Glow Ecaille HairPlatinum Ecaille Hair

Here is an inspiration for women who have grey hair and want to enhance it. Platinum ecaille is the best way to do that. By adding a little bit of distilled gold into grey hair you will achieve softness. Keep your grey hair fresh and modern with the help of ecaille technique.Platinum Ecaille Hair



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