Eclipting Hair Color Technique for 2017

According to “Popsugar” 2017 eclipting hair color technique is going to be the next big thing! It seems hair colorists are trying to find new ways to incorporate the makeup technique using strategic color placement. We know that the balayage is the recent trend but it is the highest moment to opt for something new to stand out in the crowd. Well, so what eclipting is all about? Actually it is a way of framing the face using the contrasting colors that differ from person to person based on their undertones and features. Compared with balayeage technique, eclipting is all about getting a visible contrast.Eclipting Hair Color Technique for 2017Ian Michael Black, expert of hair colors, said that if he wants to emphasize his client’s eyes he takes it darker just under the fringe. If he wants to make the face thinner he goes darker to the sides that create illusion of pushing the cheeks in a bit.  Well in this case it is pretty important to find a specialist who is familiar with this technique. Now we know that with the help of a right hair coloring technique we can visually change our face eclipting hair trend for 2017Short Eclipting Hair

Eclipting hair color creates a whole new look that brings out the best of your features. This technique provides with a sophisticated hair color that can be perfectly seen in this picture. The model here has a short haircut that involves dark roots that gradually become lighter toward the tips. It is also a gorgeous face framing design that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.Short Eclipting Hair ColorLong Eclipting Hair

Illuminate yourself by experimenting the latest hair coloring technique that has been personalized for you. This face framing technique works great both on short and long haircuts. In this particular design the model has a long haircut that has been paired with bangs. Due to this technique the face has got a beautiful frame.Long Eclipting HairEclipting Hair Trend

This genuine can be adopted by all women out there, since I have already mentioned that it is being done according to one’s facial features and skin complexions. Here the color starts from mid-shaft and works really well in thinning the face. The best thing about this look is that it is both super trendy and low-maintenance.Eclipting Hair TrendEclipting hair coloring technique is a new thing right now, so don’t miss your chance to be the first among your friends to rock this trend.



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