Geode Hair Colors for 2017

Geode hair color is about to become the hottest trend of the season. It is a new trend that is meant to brighten up not only your face but also your Instagram feed. Geode is the modern take on a rainbow hair trend that has enough tones to stun everyone. The color is all about weaving amethyst and deep blue hues into their client’s manes. However, according to the colorist Cherin Choi the color is pretty easy to get. Check out these pictures of geode hair colors for 2017 and get inspired from.Geode Hair Colors for 2017Smoked Amethyst Hair Color

New season, new trend! We are totally in love with this new hair color. The key to achieve this look is to lighten the hair from top to the bottom- the softer root, the better. After this, the locks are lifted to a pale yellow and toned to a blondish white. When the hair is dry, the amethyst purple is being applied to the roots and the blue-silver towards the tips. Wavy styling brings out the beauty of color combo.Smoked Amethyst Hair ColorGeode Ombre Hair Color

Geode hair truly rocks. It is not an easy style to sport but it is an inspiration for all hair colorists and beauty trendsetters. This look requires using a brush and emulsify with the hands to blend the colors. It is a bold ombre pattern that uses unnatural pastel shades. Keep your locks stick straight to display the gorgeousness of your geode inspired ombre.Geode Ombre Hair ColorPink and Purple Color Blend

Geode hair color comes in numerous shades and shapes. Brunettes will definitely appreciate this look. It is not as bright as unicorn hair but it is bold enough to make you stand out in the crowd. I have already mentioned that you will have to bleach your locks to white blonde and only after that apply the colors to your locks and don’t forget about soft roots as well.Pink and Purple Color BlendRainbow Hair

We can see that this hair color trend, inspired by the natural occurring beauty of coloration in rock formations is all the rage right now! It requires pairing lots of vibrant shades to mimic geode stone. In this particular look red tones give an extra pop to the color. It is a high-maintenance style to achieve.Rainbow HairNavy and Turquoise Hair Color

What about mixing navy blue and turquoise shades for a really unique look? It is a subtle shade that looks pretty cool with deep roots. Summer is close; consider spicing up your look with a hot trend such as geode. Well, of course it requires a little bit upkeep but that’s totally worth your effort.Navy and Turquoise Hair Color



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