Hair Color Ideas by Demi Lovato

Nowadays our first source of inspiration is celebrities. They are willing to wear the craziest and most popping hair colors to impress their fans. Well, Demi Lovato is definitely one of them. She has pulled of various hair colors and haircuts so today we have decided to select some hair color ideas by Demi Lovato that will definitely give you idea on how to play bold and soft hairstyles. Just make sure to consult with your colorist before wearing one of these styles!  Hair Color Ideas by Demi LovatoLong Caramel Hair

Here is Demi’s one of the most prominent hairstyles that will stick in our memories forever. Demi hit the red carpet for the 2011 MTW Video Music Awards as a caramel blonde. It is impossible not to fall in love with the texture of her strands. Caramel and dark brown shades provide with lots of dimension and depth. You just need to style your strands into waves to introduce some drama into the look.Long Caramel HairLong Red Hair

What about Demi’s red hair color? It seems her previous hair color was just warm-up because in early 2012 she went full-blown red. I am sure her fans love her as a redhead too. This shade compliments her skin complexion and brings out the beauty of her eye color. For a simple styling she pulled her hair back in an half up half down style.Long Red HairLong Blonde Hair with Pink Ends

After being a brunette, redhead and blonde Demi have decided to go for extreme shades. Pink tips were Demi’s first test into the rainbow hair color trend. This look has already gained popularity and ladies all over the world have already managed to adopt it. The combination of blonde and pink works really well together and provides her with the sweetest look ever.Long Blonde Hair with Pink EndsLong Blonde Hair with Green and Blue Accents

Well, after pin tips she has started to experiment with various vibrant shades. She obviously loved the way vibrant colors looked in her hair. She attended Teen choice awards as a blonde with green and blue faded ends. This look can be inspiration for ladies who just started to pull of rainbow hair colors.Long Blonde Hair with Green and Blue AccentsLong Rainbow Hair with Buzzed Sides

Here is Demi’s one of the boldest looks that has become a matter of discussion for many bloggers. Demi pulled off rainbow hair with a buzzed side added to her long haircut. It is a kind of extreme look that will definitely be appreciated by bold beauty lovers. Demi proved that she looks cool both in subtle and bold styles. Anyway you can re-create this look to make a fashion statement and stand out in the crowd.Long Rainbow Hair with Buzzed Sides



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