Hottest Hair Colors for Black Women 2017

Women all over the word dye their hair for several essential reasons. One of them is highlighting their individuality. Hair colors for black women have undergone a great progress and what we see today is all about embracing the charm of dark skin and dark eyes due to lighter shades. Thus, it’s the high time to showcase the real you thanks to one of these hot hair colors for black women in 2017. Be it red, blonde or brunette your hair will surely become shinier and more attractive in one of the below represented colors for black women 2017Auburn Hair Color for Black Women

When the dark wine-y auburn hair color knocked the doors of the fashion world we realized that it has come to beautify dark hair. Being a perfect shade for dark-skinned ladies it is worn by the majority of celebrities who have tanned and darker complexions. Rihanna is one of the most inspiring black women who has rocked this shade with great pleasure. It is awesome and rick both on straight and curly hairstyles. As a result you get a fantastic and incredible charm as well as draw more attention. The dark auburn hair color looks better on long hairstyles.auburn hair color for black women 2017Platinum Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

When it comes to blonde shades black women should be careful not to fail the final effect. It’s important to create a well-balanced and pleasing hairstyle. In this case the haircut plays a great role. While rich auburn is beautiful on long hair, platinum blonde requires short haircuts to keep the harmony with the darkness of the skin. Short platinum blonde bobs and pixies are the best hairstyles for black ladies. This shade tends to lighten up your face and to draw attention on your dark shiny eyes. Check out the latest examples of black celebrities who have gone for the platinum blonde and you will notice that the majority matches it with short haircuts.platinum blonde for black women 2017Light Brown Hair Color for Black Women

Among light brunettes there is one subtle and natural-looking brown hair color to combine with dark and warm complexions. It’s the ravishing and trendy light brown. This hair color is closer to the charming caramel and therefore compliments brown eyes and tanned skin. If you want to warm up as well as lighten up your hair color then the light brown is the right choice for you. It is glamorous in any haircut and hair type and looks natural in its monotone reflection.rihanna light brown hair color 2017Silver Hair Color for Black Women

Silver is a natural human hair color and therefore it looks quite harmonious with any complexion and eye hue. The only thing you should consider is the right hue of grey. It’s better to keep the roots dark and then dye the rest of hair in a lovely silver shade according to your complexion. Before dying hair prepare yourself psychologically for the huge transformation. It’s not common to see grays on hair when you have no single grey in your locks.grey hair color for black women 2017Dirty Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

The most popular blonde hair color that stylist offer black women is the dark or the so called dirty blonde. This neutral light and warm shade is the thing you need to lighten up your complexion and to create a fancier image of you. The cool dirty blonde is also bale to bring out your eyes whether they are dark, light or in cute hazel hues.dirty blonde for black women 2017



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