Hottest Hair Colors for Spring 2017

Sitting in the salon for five hours is worth it when you are absolutely in love with your hair color. Well, even if dye services are expensive and the upkeep is “must”, hair color continues to gain popularity. It is one of the best ways women have been expressing themselves in the beauty world. We have already seen everything from rainbow colors to unique techniques takes off and we expect 2017 to be the same –women will be tinting their hair more than ever. Here you will discover hottest hair colors for spring 2017.Hottest Hair Colors for Spring 2017Ebony Brown Hair Color

Ebony brown hair color works for anyone with medium to light skin tone. It is a versatile color, flattering for almost every skin tone. The contrast between pale skin and rich ebony brown is mind-blowing. Dark skin tone owners should ask for a rich brown gloss even if they have black hair. Having a photo is the best way to maintain reference with your colorist.Ebony Brown Hair ColorAmber Red Hair Color

Amber red hair color is excellent for anyone with green or blue eyes. It looks flattering on women with light or medium skin tones. This color can be pulled off in any season of the year. To recreate it ask for all-over amber color and finish with a color gloss. The hair length is not important since it accessorizes both long and short strands.Amber Red Hair ColorNude Hair Color

This hair color has a very neutral tone to pair with your skin and create a nude look. Nude hair color is great for anyone with natural or golden complexions. Women with cool skin tone should avoid wearing it since it may wash them out. If you have super dark strands, you will need to be pre-lightened first before achieving this tone.Nude Hair Color FOR 2017Auburn Flame Hair Color

Auburn flame is a deep rich brunette with an undertone or a slight reflect of copper. It works for any skin complexion but keep in your mind that the copper looks exceptionally gorgeous on olive tone to help naturalize the skin tone. Anyway if you are planning to go for this hair color, consult with your colorist to know which undertones are great for your complexion.Auburn Flame Hair ColorDark Monochrome Chocolate

This color works for anyone with medium or olive skin tones and hazel or brown eyes because this dark, cool chocolate enhances warm tones to provide with an illusion of creamier skin. It is the darkest version of chocolate brown. When the sun hits hair, violet undertones glow to brighten up this dark shade. In order to keep the color shiny, go for regular touchups.Dark Monochrome Chocolate



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