How to Pick The Best Hair Color for Your Face

Choosing the right hair color for your face is the hardest thing. Unfortunately you can’t choose whatever color looks good on the model in the box. The color may look great on one person but not work on another person. The main reason is that a hair color works differently on different skin tones. Individually done dye job will add a hint of glow to your face while inspiring others to follow you. In order to help you with this problem we have decided to guide you by offering some ways on how to pick the best hair color for your faceBest Hair Color for Your Fair Skin and Cool Undertones 

A wrong hair color may cause an awkward look when you have a fair skin tone with cool undertones. If you are into light shades, then you need to consider blonde tints that lean on ashy undertones. Such blonde tones will definitely cool your complexion down without creating too much contrast. However, we can’t say it about golden-toned blondes as they may end up giving some reddish undertones to your complexion. If you are a more brunette than blonde, then you are free to pull off any shade of brown you want. When it comes to red tones, it is a bit hard to choose  something for this complexion, even though you can go for natural direction. Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tone 

With the right chosen shade you can brighten up your face. We wouldn’t recommend you picking super dark tones, instead you can go for different shades of brown, blonde and red tones that have orangey undertones. Make sure to get these shades through balayage technique.  Best Hair Colors for Women with Tan Skin 

For your tan skin with orangey undertones you need to take some shades that will amp up the health and glow of your skin tone. Natural and ashy tones of blonde are perfect for tan skin tone. Choosing shade that lighter than your skin tone is risky. You should avoid tones like platinum blonde or blue black shades. Best Hair Color for Women with Olive Skin 

It may be a bit hard to choose a shade for beauties with this complexion. Oliver-skinned women look their best with ashy black or dark down tones. If you have this skin tone, you should definitely forget about copper, mahogany and auburn shades since they may contrast with your undertones. Finding unnatural shades for this skin tone is not a good idea as well. However, if you want to try something extreme talk with your hair colorist. 



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