Icy-Light Blue Hair Colors

There are really numerous hair colors to choose from. It is not only about blondes, reds, and browns it’s also about vibrant shades. It is the highest moment to embrace different rainbow shades for a really creative and unique look. When talking about rainbow hues the first shades that come in our mind are purples, pinks, and blues. Blue is unnatural tint but it symbolizes tranquility and calmness. Blue always reminds us of skies and oceans. However there is something irresistible about light blue hair color. It is a shade to add some cool vibes to your look. If you are not sure about going for aqua hair, check out these icy-light blue hair colors.Icy-Light Blue Hair ColorsAqua and Light Blue

This two-tone hair color reminds us of unreal creatures leaving under the sea. The mix of bright blue hair hues create subtle and delicate ends that don’t require any fancy styling to look stunning. The wavy texture will enhance the look of your color while giving you a head-turner hairstyle. Well, it is a high-maintenance look that requires frequent touchups.Aqua and Light BlueSubtle Turquoise Hair Color

Want to try out an icy blue hairstyle but you aren’t ready for an almost-white look? Try out this lovely hair color that will compliment your pale skin tone and bring out your eye color. Wear this shade either on your wavy or straight hair. It is a style to steal the spotlight and stand out in the crowd. This unnatural hair color will also accentuate your stunning features.Subtle Turquoise hair colorLight and Dark Blue Ombre

This is a good option for girls who are ready to go for full head of light blue streaks. The roots start with darker shade that can be either black or denim blue. It gets lighter at the tips while creating a lovely headdress. The design gets a touch of sophistication due to the long strands. If you want to re-create this look, ask your colorist to place light blue streaks all over your head.     Light and Dark Blue OmbreHalf and Half Blue Hair Color

If you want something bold and edgy, then this half and half hair color is definitely for you. It is a modern technique that requires coloring two sides of your head in different shades. You have an opportunity to choose the most vibrant hair colors. For a striking look, pick opposite hues, such as white and blue.Half and Half Blue Hair ColorGorgeous Curls

You can make the color work to your advantage by asking you colorist to create a style that brings out your mane. In this case the blue highlights have been placed through aqua base do add some extra body and dimension.  teal highlights



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