Kylie Jenner’s New Hair Colors for 2017

There are celebrities who always amuse us with their unexpected and unique transformations, hair color and hairstyle makeovers. Some have already become trendsetters in the fashion industry and don’t surprise us with their new experiments. We are just used to see them in edgy, unusual and unique hair colors and always expect something more creative. Kylie Jenner is one of those Hollywood stars who is in the center of attention due to her fame, lifestyle and overall style.  Today we’ll unlock her world of new hair colors for 2017. Keep your eyes on some of the experiments to try this summer.Kylie Jenner hair colors 2017Kylie Jenner Peach Hair Color

The monotone yet so eye-catching peach hair color which is closer to warm gingers is one of the latest shades that Kylie has chosen to make a statement. During the first weekend at Coachella she was in a trendy log, straight and sleek peach colored hairstyle which warms up her complexion and draws attention to her dark eyes.Kylie Jenner peach hair color for 2017 Since she has a dark skin tone the warm and bright shade of peach works well with her complexion than pastel and lighter hues. That’s why, we can say that she has made a great choice. Her professional hairstylist Hrush Achemyan has provided her with the orange-y wig styled into a super straight and sleek hairstyle which brings out the charm and the subtleness of the hair color.Kylie Jenner peach hair color idea 2017

Kylie Jenner peach hair color 2017Kylie Jenner Rainbow Pigtail Braids

The next day Kylie decided to go for the playful rainbow style combined with tight French pigtail braids. Braided hairstyles are sometimes the best combination for rainbow hair as they display all the mixed hues in a very beautiful manner. It’s the professional hair art by Tokyo Stylez who has added long hair extensions in Kylie’s hair and dyed it into a bright rainbow ombre style. The hairstyle, itself is one of the most favorite ones for Kardashian sisters. They often wear Afro inspired French tight pigtail braids to show off their beautiful faces.Kylie Jenner rainbow hair color 2017Kylie Jenner Long Rainbow Waves

And the final look that Kylie rocked a long wavy hairstyle. It’s just the previous rainbow wig with the braids taken down. She has kept it in a boho wavy style and beautified with a trendy brown Louis Vuitton scarf. Perhaps, this is great hairstyle to wear on the beach as it is bright, girlish, flashy, fresh and glamorous. Beach waves have the tender summer touch in them and seem to be the best hairstyles for this hot season.Kylie Jenner raibow hair 2017

Kylie Jenner rainbow hair color for 2017So, these are the latest hair colors and hairstyles worn by Kylie Jenner at Coachella from April 15-17 and as a final word, we can say that whatever she tries out she inspires many teenagers and stylish women, as she does her best to keep up with the fashion and to create a big trend.



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