Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

Mermaid hair has always fetched attention and been a fashionable trend; however it was popularized over the last couple of years. Mermaid hairdo is all about colors and it involves bright pastel shades to create an attractive look that features imaginary mermaids. Any woman can pull off these stylish hues regardless of the type and length of the hair. However the coloring technique and the color combination are also crucial, if you want to get it right.mermaid hair color ideasPastel Blue Ombre Hair

There is a beautiful contrast between blonde and blue hues is incredible and it makes the long curly hair look eye-catching. These shades have been professionally hand-painted and to replicate this style you need to start with a blonde base and then transform into the magical blue shade to create your ombre pattern. Apart from the curls and the shades it also has a lovely floral crown that enhances the look.Pastel Blue Ombre HairHot Balayage Hair

It is a style to make a bold statement. The long straight hair is very smooth but its hand painted blue shade is what makes the design stand out. This hairstyle requires using various shades of blue keenly on the hair. You should then finish the look with a simple center part.Hot Balayage HairPurple Blonde Ombre

This is a typical mermaid hairstyle. It involves some fancy braids at the center of the head and a simple knot makes it look a bit complicated but you can still own it. To have a look like this you need to give your hair a cute ombre that uses a dark purple to a golden blue hues. You should then create the braids at the top of the head and then a knot.Purple Blonde OmbreChic Purple Blue Pixie

A chic pixie haircut can make any woman look elegant and charming but if you want to create a mermaid headdress then you need to give it a nice shade. If you are looking for a bold and attention grabbing style, you should go for a hand painted blend of purple and blue like this. With this hair you will have a super fashionable look.Chic Purple Blue Pixie

Eye-Catching Color Melt

If you have shoulder-gazing locks like these you need to give them a beautiful color pattern. This design is a great example of how you can create a mermaid hair. It starts with a magical dark blue then turns into a green shade before finishing with a golden yellow shade on the tips.Eye Catching Color MeltPurple Mermaid Hair

You can use one color and still have a mermaid hair design but you need to choose a delicious and lovely shade like this purple. In this style you need to darken the roots to create a beautiful contrast. Give your purple locks a soft side part and then style by sweeping them to the sides to create a face framing design.Purple Mermaid Hair



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