Neon Hair Color Ideas

If you have always looked for an eye popping and attention grabbing unique hair color then you will like these incredible neon hair color ideas. These tones are meant to make a bold statement since they are very bright. Thus I am going to take you in a journey through the craziest and wildest hair colors you wish you had. If you are lucky enough to get these hair colors, just know that they require lots of bleaching.Neon Hair Color Ideas Neon Red

There is nothing crazier than a fire engine red hair color. Maybe that’s why many popular celebrities have already experimented with it. If you want this color for yourself then keep in your mind that red is one of the hardest hues to maintain, since it fades quickly. A bright red is a great start for people who want to try out a unique hair color, since it is not completely unnatural particularly if you are a redhead.neon red hairNeon Purple

A neon purple also can be a good starter shade as it can be done either a more subtle tint or as a vibrant shade all over the head. Some black shades can come in handy when you don’t want to go for a straight purple. Purple highlights look great in very dark hair. So it is the best moment to upgrade your look with the most vibrant shades.neon purple hairRoyal Blue

Royal blue tint always reminds us of Katy Perry as she rocked it in 2010 and 2012. Like other neon shades this color also fades very fast so it is something you need to take care of. In all cases with this neon blue shade you will make a bold statement and draw attention.neon blue hairColor Mix

Can’t decide on one color for your hair? Get all of them! Neon rainbow shades are more difficult to achieve than a monochromic shade. So, you need to know, this is a difficult look to achieve and you will need some patience. You should make you hair look as white as possible using the bleach. Section your hair off, mix the color you want to use then paint it on the section.neon rainbow hairNeon Yellow

After coloring your strands try to only shampoo your hair when you need to otherwise use a conditioner. This will help you to keep the vibrancy of your neon shade. This neon yellow tint will definitely make you stand out of the crowd. Before rocking it make sure that you have healthy hair and a proper skin tone.neon yellow hair



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