Pastel Two-Tone Hair Colors for 2017

Any woman wearing two tone hair color can be confident about having a modern and stylish look. Two-tone hair color trend allows you to choose your favorite color combination. Having two different shades on your hairdo also helps make your haircut and hairstyle more detailed. This hair trend ensures you that your strands will never look dull or plain. However sometimes it is pretty hard to decide what hues to use because you can be certain what will really work for you. Since pastels are totally in mainstream, I have selected pastel two-tone hair colors for 2017.Pastel Two Tone Hair Color for 2017Purple and Grey Hair Color

In this particular design, it is hard to tell which one is the base color, but it is not important since being able to re-create it is what matters. It is possible to achieve this look using both balayage and foils and the main idea is to spread both colors throughout your head to create a head-turner hairstyle. Once you have colors you will also need to comb your strands back to finish the style.Purple and Grey Hair ColorVibrant Purple-Blue Hair Color

This hairdo uses purple and blue to give the long bob tresses a gorgeous two-toned appearance. Note that there are also some lighter hues that are perfectly melted throughout the colors. In order to re-create this look you will need to start with the light blue as your base color and transition it to light purple. Give your bob haircut a blunt trim and style into a face-framing design.Vibrant Purple Blue Hair ColorViolet to Deep Red Hair Color

Long and smooth strands make an excellent surface for various colors so you can never go wrong with the choice of the shades. Here the straight strands have a stunning color combination that entails transitioning from a red violet base to a bright red hue on the lower section of the head. With a color combination like this you don’t need to go for a sophisticated headdress, simply make your strands smooth and straight and you are ready to go.Violet to Deep Red Hair ColorPastel Pink and Purple Hair Color

When it comes to two-tone hair trend the options are really versatile. You can get them using various hair coloring techniques. This particular design has been achieved using half and half dye job. Here the one side of the head uses purple while the other side uses pink shades. The colors look absolutely gorgeous on longer strands.Pastel Pink and Purple Hair ColorRed to Orange Hair Color

The color combination of this hairdo takes it to a top-notch and makes the overall design pretty feminine. In order to replicate this stunning color you will only need to transition the red shade to an almost orange on the ends to create this two-tone appearance.Red to Orange Hair Color



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