Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Today you should prepare yourself for some ridiculously gorgeous shades. These rainbow hair color ideas for 2017 are not for all ladies since they have a bold and edgy nature. The bright shades of your strands will make people take a second glance. If you are brave enough to experiment with these tints then you will have the hottest look around. There are many ways to play with these tones; you can use both permanent and temporary hair dyeing products. However, we have decided to encourage you and show off some models who perfectly demonstrate rainbow hues.Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for 2017Colorful Strips

This hairstyle is great for all fun natured ladies. It has vertical colorful lines that make it stunning and breathtaking. The bright strips look fantastic particularly on short bob cut. To achieve a look like this you hair colorist will need to use foils to apply the colors. However, if you are not ready to wear rainbow hair for months, you can use hair chalks and the colors will easily go away after washing your strands.  Colorful StripsCrazy Rainbow Hair

In this particular design that rainbow strands perfectly blend into each other and create a sophisticated look. The contrasting shades are meant to steal the spotlight so after having it you can be sure of getting many compliments. When it comes to styling, you can wear magnificent waves and display the rainbow shades of the strands.   Crazy Rainbow HairYellow Streaks

This design requires some pastel colors that have been highlighted by introducing streaks of electric yellow. For the base you will need to use pinks and purples and the long strands of the yellow all along the tips spice up the overall look. The edgy and bold character of this hairdo will definitely boost your confidence. To finish the style, just pull your hair back.   Yellow StreaksPerfect Pastels

It is a unique hairdo that will make you stand out of the crowd. These chic pastels remind us of mermaids, unicorns and all other imaginary creatures. The outstanding ombre begins with lilac purple which fades into a muted red. It is a multi-colored hairdo that requires mixing several shades. However the colors have been worn on medium-length strands.Perfect PastelsFeminine Pastel Hues

You can use the pastel shades to bring out the best of your features. The unnatural shade of the blunt bangs make the blue eyes pop up. Thus, the one side of the hair has purple and blue shades while the other side is highlighted with purplish-red tones against beige blonde. It is not an easy style to achieve so call your hair colorist and take this picture with you.Feminine Pastel Hues



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