Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes for 2017

Brunettes think that if they have dark strands they cannot pull off the most vibrant rainbow hair colors. Well, let me inform you that rainbow hair can be adopted by brunettes too and as a brunette you don’t need to feel jealous of adventurous rainbow hair trend. The popular hair colorist and creator of many hair shades Edelman says that brunettes who want to tint their strands with rainbow colors, need to lift their natural color to a minimum level (which is the darkest shade of the blonde) to achieve rainbow hair. Go on reading to find some pictures of rainbow hair for brunettes for 2017. Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes for 2017Ceylon Sapphire Hair

It is an incredible color that features deep cobalt but it is seen as blue-black hair. It shows off its spectacular dimension in sunlight. Well, this shade is great for women with dark brown or black hair, and women who have cool, neutral or olive undertones. While wearing this color, make sure that your hair colorist is skillful enough to re-create it.Ceylon Sapphire HairSlate Violet Hair

This color is incredible for brunettes, who have platinum blonde balayage hair, and those dark roots will help create a perfect color blend from purple into dark silver. So who can pull off slate violet hair? Well, it looks best on those with neutral undertones. To replicate this look you will need to ask your colorist for a color melt with deep violet at the root, slate-gray on the mid section and silver on the tips.Slate Violet HairStormy Gray

If you are obsessed with the latest grey hair color trend then this option is definitely for you. It is a lower maintenance take on silver. The deep roots create a gorgeous contrast with the silver tips. According to the colorist it is a neutral color so it can be flattering for anyone. You will need to go platinum at the tips and ask for a double ash brown on the midsection that melts to a silver tone.Stormy Gray hair colorNeon Hibiscus Hair

Instead of moody hues, go for super bright tones of violet, magenta, orange and pink. Anyway when you sport a hair color like this you will need to consider your skin complexion. While pulling off this shade you have to bleach your hair to blonde. Ask your colorist to use magenta as the base.Neon Hibiscus HairBlush Brunette Hair

This is a brunette hair color that has been boosted with hand-painted caramel and rose hues. It is a low-maintenance style that can be look super fresh even after months. You can use this technique to freshen up an existing balayage hair. To add an extra drama, style your strands into waves.Blush Brunette Hair



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