Ravishing Teal Hair Colors for 2018

Teal is a striking blend of blue and green tones on the white base. This light and bold shade is popular since 90s. Then the impact of the shade was huge on clothes and shoes, now hairstylists try to refresh this hair color and use it for coloring their client’s head. Teal is fun to wear as it provides with positive feelings. It doesn’t matter how you feel about bright and unconventional hair colors, check these ravishing teal hair colors for 2018 and draw your inspiration from.teal hair colors for 2018Teal Hair Color with Cobalt Roots

You don’t need to have ultra-long strands to create a mermaid-like look. But just the length is not enough, you should also get a mermaid-approved hair color. The easiest way is to paint your locks in a fascinating hair color like this. The cobalt roots transition into chic teal towards the tips. Cobalt is the darker version of the teal and it creates a fabulous ombre like look. Finish this style with lovely beach waves.Teal Hair Color with Cobalt RootsBrown Hair with Teal Highlights

Jazz up your appearance with a vivid and catchy hair color like this. The brown shade is spiced up with chic teal hair highlights. Always add a hint of teal to your hair color to refresh your brown strands. Somehow, you may think that brown and teal tones are unmatchable but I assure you, the tones look fabulous when paired together. If you don’t believe, just have a look at this gorgeous model.Brown Hair with Teal HighlightsWavy Bob and Teal

Sometimes all you need to do is to show off your striking hair color. For a unique tint like this, a delightful haircut is must. This shoulder length bob with extra volume and texture is just amazing to show off your unnatural hair color. The dark roots transition into lighter teal towards the tips. It is a traditional ombre that requires less upkeep, because of the dark roots.Wavy Bob and TealAqua Teal Hair Color

Here is the lighter shade of teal that is simply adorable. Indeed, the color is high-maintenance and you will need to refresh it frequently. The shade is known as lunar teal and to achieve it, you will need to bring your hair to the lightest shade of blonde. This unnatural shade will provide you a true mermaid-like look. Show the following picture to your hair colorist and make sure that you have appropriate complexion for the color.Aqua Hair ColorDark Green for Brunettes

Brunettes also can take advantage from this shade. Well, no need to go super light to rock teal hair color. The darker version looks equally cool on brunettes. However, you will still need to bleach your strands a little bit to apply this tone.Dark Green for Brunettes



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