Soft Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2017

There is a mermaid look made for you regardless of your natural texture, hair color and skin tone. Well, you can pick contrasting shades or go colors that are from the same color family. Finally you can fulfill your dream and tailor the most unexpected and crazy shades right on your head. Expertly dyed mermaid hair is a matter of discussion. Below you will find some delicate versions of multi-tone pastels that are pretty inspiring. If you are ready then let’s move on and see the softest mermaid hair color ideas for 2017.Soft Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2017Rainbow Hair

The overall success of this look is based on a few key elements. Well, the hair has been dyed darker at the top. The colorist used various contrasting color and the grey tips perfectly tie all the shades together. However you can get this look in several ways: temporary hair dyes are great options they don’t damage the strands plus after washing your strands the rainbow shades will go away. Of course you can use preeminent dyes too but the risk is high so it will be better to consult with your colorist.Rainbow HairMermaid Hair

The vibe of this mermaid hair is absolutely catchy. The perfect blunt cut and straight strands allow the colorful transition to truly shine. With a bright look like this you will definitely steal the spotlight. However pay attention to your outfit since these bright shades require more neutral outfit.Mermaid HairVoluminous Mermaid Hair

Vibrant orange and red have been combined to create a perfect mermaid hair. It is noticeable how the orange transitions higher up around the face to bring out the color of her eyes. The most important thing is to keep the shades bright and fresh. When it comes to volume, you can achieve it with the help of gorgeous waves.Voluminous Mermaid HairGray Twisted Locks

Mermaid color melt is an excellent option to show off your inside world. To achieve a look like this you will need to dye the roots in a darker shade and start placing pink and purple strands here and there and then finish the look with gray. Styling is easy too since all you will want to do is to curl the mid-shaft while leaving the tips straight.Gray Twisted LocksPastel Blue Ombre

There are so many options for mermaid hair; you just need to do a good research to find the best look for you. This particular design is a gorgeous take on the gray trend. Lavender and pastel blue don’t create a striking contrast but they perfectly complement each other.  If pink, red and other bright shades are not your thing, consider this soft variation of mermaid hair.Pastel Blue Ombre



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