Soft Pastel Blue Hair

If you are obsessed with pastel blue hair, then you need to go through our article. Pastel blue is a relaxing shade that reminds us of mystery. You may fear to try this shade for the first time and it is understandable because it is not so common to see a girl with a blue hair color. But once you have it you will never want to go back to traditional hair colors. Combining shades of light and dark blue will create a new hairstyle. Pastel blue can also be paired with other hair colors.  Soft Pastel Blue HairIcy Blue Shade

If you want to bring out your inner princess then this pastel blue is the best option to do that. This hair design grabs attention because of a light sky base and light mauve highlights. This hairstyle involves short side parting and the hair was styled in loose romantic waves.icy blue hair colorShades of Grey

Grey and blue always make a beautiful color combination and this one is a perfect example. Everything starts from deep steel grey on the top that gradually lightens into a soft icy blue on the tips. This is a subtle color combination that will definitely work everywhere. Before opting for this blend make sure that you have a proper skin complexion.        grey and blue hairBlonde-Blue Dip Dye

If you are an adventurous woman then pay attention to this design. The shoulder-gazing hair begins with a golden beige blonde shade and finishes with blue at the tips. This creates an eye-catching dip dye effect that features mermaid hair trend. The hair length is not important because the color combination is what blonde blue dip dyePastel Blue with Dark Roots

A simple fishtail braid allows you to display the beauty of the shades and plus it is so simple to create and maintain. The strands are dyed into a dark cornflower blue together with purple roots and highlights. So, to replicate it you need to mix several shades and a perfect design is ready to impress the world.bright fishtail braidDeep Blue Hair

Soft beach waves are meant to highlight a blue hair color. This model’s hair begins with ashy black color that continues just past the ears which has been paired with blue and light turquoise shades. This flattery color combination is not dream any more; feel free to wear it whenever you want.deep sea blue hairBlonde and Pastel Blue Hair

The blonde and pastel blue tones can be used to create a sweet look just like this one. In this design the hair has been dyed with champagne blonde on the roots which melts into baby pastel blue just above the ears.  blonde and pastel blue hair



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