Sophisticated Plum Hair Colors

If you have decided to paint your locks in a sophisticated hue of plum, you may find your inspiration right among these gorgeous pictures. When it comes to the sub-tones of plum, there is no limitations really. First of all, you need to commit between light and dark tones and only after that choose a shade that flatters your skin tone. Below I have put together some sophisticated plum hair colors for women with different complexions. Go on reading and find something according your nature and texture.plum hair colorsBalayage Plum Hair Color

Balayage technique works great for unconventional hair colors as well. This plum is the best proof of my words. When achieved through balayage, plum looks ultra-natural. In the following style a deep brunette or a rich dark chestnut is used as a base color and it gets lighter plum while softening the entire look. It is the coolest hair color you may opt to spice up your look.Balayage Plum Hair ColorPlum Hair Color

It is a sophisticated shade of plum that is great to rock in winter as well. This shade immediately will make you stand out in the crowd. In case if you want to add extra depth and dimension to your strands, go for hair extensions. They will provide you with your desired thickness. I assure you with a shade like this you will boost your confidence.Plum Hair ColorMulberry Plum Hair Color

Well, mulberries also come in various shades. They are great for taking as an inspiration for a whole new hair color. Pink mulberry plum hair color is the greatest way to spice up your brunette, blonde or red locks. The color looks as delicious as the mulberry. If you are looking for a juice hair color, this is the best option to adopt and make a bold statement.Mulberry Plum Hair ColorDark Plum Hair Color

Here we have something for ladies that prefer darker shades. The following dark plum is quite easy to achieve on brunette locks. This is one of the most beautiful shades of plum that you need to try. It is the shade you can choose to wear to express your inner world. Since the following plum is still supper dark, you don’t need to go for frequent touchups.Dark Plum Hair ColorWine Plum Hair Color

Wearing wine throughout your locks, would speak about your devotion to drinks. There are several shades of wine that you may rock to stand out. The color looks its best when achieved on healthy hair. Accessorize your locks by painting with a fresh wine plum hair color.Wine Plum Hair Color



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