Sweet Mint Green Hair Ideas

Cotton candy hair colors are still our favorite options for upcoming seasons. Some women still desire to pull off pink, purple and other sweet shades. Well, today we have decided to represent another yummy hair color- mint green hair. Mint green is a cool, refreshing hue that is great for warmer seasons of the year. Anyway, check out these incredible mint green hair ideas, maybe you will want to go green right now. If you have light base then you will easily achieve it otherwise you will need to bleach your strands.Sweet Mint Green Hair IdeasMint Green Hair with Dark Roots

Here is a multi-shaded pastel turquoise hair that creates an incredible hairdo. These pastels have been combined with darker roots to provide with a better look. It is a great option for brunettes who don’t want to go for all over pastels. However these hues look cooler when worn with an equally cool hairdo such as braided messy buns.Mint Green Hair with Dark RootsTeal Hair Color with Highlights

Want to update your blonde mane? Try this pastel green hair that is funky and beautiful. The colorist has also placed some white blonde highlights to give a rich look to the locks. If you have blonde hair the color transition will not be so difficult. However our brunettes need more bleaching. But this look is really worth your effort and time. Love it? Just go ahead!Teal Hair Color with HighlightsBlue-Green Hair

Add some extra pop to your pixie haircut with the help of blue and green shades. Blue and green tones will provide with a super light effect. When blended well, the tints produce a harmonious color combo. The darker shades still pop up and make the overall look even more interesting. However these colors work really well with dark skin complexion.    Blue Green HairCotton Candy Bob Hair

These cotton candy strands look so delicious. To create a style like this you will need to mix green shade with light blue and lilac hues and your dreamy hairdo is ready to impress your friends and relatives. Well, it is a high-maintenance look that requires lots of care. First of all make sure to use conditioners and shampoos for color-treated hair and go for regular touchups to keep the look fresh.Cotton Candy Bob HairChin-Length Hair with Green Hair

Short bobs and pixies look really good but they stand out when colored with pastel shades such as this bob. A bright, unexpected green shade on the top of the chin-length haircut is incredible for breaking the monotony of natural hair color. Whether you decide to keep your strands straight, or pull off waves, the color will definitely give your hair an extra pop.Chin-Length Hair with Green Hair



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