Teal Hair Colors for Blondes and Brunettes for 2017

2017 teal hair colors for blondes and brunettes are the most appealing and versatile among all those pastel hues. Like other pastel shades teal also requires much care and regular touchups. Since the strands are getting brighter and brighter, you should consider having some blue and green hints throughout your strands. The sheen of teal hair colors will make your headdress even more stunning and eye-catching. In case if you are looking for some inspo, below you will find interesting ideas of pulling off teal hair colors. The best thing about it is that this shade works well both for brunettes and blondes.Teal Hair Colors for Blondes and Brunettes for 2017Gorgeous Blue Melt

Rock the hottest hair trends of the season by applying a teal color melt look.  The dynamic blue hue will definitely shake the thing up. Your long strands will show off the maximum beauty provided by this technique. The only thing to worry is to find a good hair colorist who can perfectly blend the hues to get what you see here. Finish your look by adding some gorgeous waves to your strands.Gorgeous Blue MeltTwo-Toned Highlights

There are so many ways to play with teal hair colors. Here is another option that will definitely interest you. Teal blue and purple create a gorgeous combination. If you go for blended highlights, your locks will get some life. To keep the modern touch of your strands chop them off into gorgeous medium-length and style in incredible waves.Two Toned HighlightsPastel Teal

Take the wheel and cover your entire head with a beautiful bold color, like the one you see here. This spiffy shade looks amazing on this trendy haircut. The long choppy bob brings out the beauty of the shades creates a beautiful face frame. With a chic hair color like this you will boost your confidence and make other people stare on you for a long.Pastel TealChic Tips

Give your gorgeous dark hair s teal makeover. This ombre is one of the best options you need to consider. It requires painting the blue-green shade on the lower half of the strands. The perfectly placed colors will definitely add some life to your strands. This option is for those who don’t like too bright and vibrant shades. However this ombre designs work well both on long and short strands.Chic TipsRainbow Hair

Here is something crazier! If you like a lot of colors then you will like this option too. It requires adding teal, purple and red shades to get candy-colored strands, everything here is super nice. You don’t need to have extra long strands to showcase the beauty of the shades since all hair lengths work great for it. To finish your look add some gorgeous waves! Rainbow Hair



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