2017 Delicate Pastel Hair Highlights

When everything is done with the common and classic highlights we look for a more fascinating and attractive idea to embrace our femininity. Luckily professional stylists provide us with the desired and incredible ideas. One of them is the pastel highlighting. Nowadays we are not surprised by colorful hair and hairstyles. Moreover, we are admired by the latest pastel highlights for 2017. This subtle trick of adding a glam touch to your hairstyles is quite popular and demanded. Here is a full guide to the most fashionable pastel highlights for different base hair colors.pastel highlights for hair 2017Pastel Pink Highlights for Blonde Hair

Pink and blonde combination seems to be limitless. This is, probably the most astounding light combo you can ever meet in the fashion world. The first experiment we saw were opted by stunning models. Ladies with naturally blonde hair look amazing with pink highlights. They tend to warm up cool complexions and go well with light eyes. If you feel as if you are going to get tired of your pink highlights soon, then go for hair chalks, but believe in me you instead of getting tired you will fall in love with your new hairstyle.Pastel Pink Highlights for Blonde HairPastel Highlights for Brunette Hair

Many think that pastel highlights are only for blonde hair but professionals prove that several pastel shades go ideally with dark hairstyles. These are lavender, blue and turquoise highlights which compliment dark shades and look nice with dark complexions. Pastel purple, green and blue highlights can turn your brunette hair into a tender and ethereal hairstyle. You can even match silver blue hues to add more shine and coolness. Such highlights can lighten up your dark hair.pastel highlights for brunette hair 2017Pastel Rainbow Highlights

Special for playful and interesting girls there are bright pastel highlights to choose for hair. Three and more shades of pastel will provide you with a fabulous and flashy rainbow hairstyle. It’s better to keep hair long or to add hair extensions for a girlish and prettier pastel rainbow hairstyle. According to the chosen hue you can get a flattering result for your complexion.pastel rainbow highlights 2017Pastel Highlights for Short Haircuts

Nowadays the number of short-haired ladies increases and therefore hair colorist think of creative hair coloring ideas special for short haircuts. Among them we find short bob and pixie haircuts which tend to take away the feminine touch from your entire look. But here pastel highlights come for help. They soften any short haircut and keep it as girlish as possible. Even the messiest hairstyle looks so ravishing, cute ad soft in pastel highlights that we can say that  pastel hues are perfect for short cuts. pastel highlights for short haircuts 2017



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