2017 Trendy Hair Highlights by Celebrities

2017 celebrities’ hair highlights look even more sumptuous and stylish. Whether you believe or not but there are various options to brighten up your strands and highlights are the best. In upcoming season consider using babylights, chunky highlights, balayage, ribbon highlights, lowlights, frosted highlights and etc. These types of highlights are totally in trend and will provide you with a modern look. Highlights will never be outdated since they have a power to change our look drastically. However, highlights are perfect when you want to dye your virgin hair. You don’t need to go far, since you can find your next makeover inspiration among these celebrities.2017 Trendy Hair Highlights by CelebritiesRibbon Highlights

One of the biggest trends of the year is ribbon highlights that swirl down the hair with streaks of color. You could even for bright pastels or add blonde tone. It is up to you, however beautiful Jessica Alba applied caramel highlights to highlight her complexion. These highlights are great for wavy hair. So it is the best moment to spice up your look with some cool shades.Ribbon HighlightsLowlights

The dark toned paired with highlights create a contrasting look that gives the strands extra dimension and depth. They are meant to recreate the effect of the sun, which means that the locks at the crown part tend to be lighter, while the ones at the nape of the neck are darker. However the lowlights and highlights will provide you a unique look.lowlightsFrosted Highlights

Well, frosted highlights require bleaching the strands of hair separately to achieve a multi-colored light and dark blonde effect. These highlights work really well on short haircuts and the variation of shades add a playful look to pixies. The purpose is to create a beautiful contrasting look and Jennifer Lawrence can be the best inspiration for you.Frosted HighlightsBalayage Hair

What is balayage? Well it is a technique that requires placing the color where the sun would hit for a natural looking effect. All balayaged hairs are ridiculously amazing. Many celebrities have already managed to experiment with this technique and it is your turn. However balayage hair works for all ladies out there since they provide with a natural look.balayage hairBabylights

If you are in love with natural looking highlights, then you should definitely opt for trendy babylights. The babylights technique imitates the look with super-fine streaks that beautifully frame the face. Miranda Kerr’s golden blonde babylights provide her with a natural and youthful look.  Everyone can experiment with babylights however one should get them based on her natural hair.babylights



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