Awesome Light Hair Highlights for 2017

We often speak about dark, bold or vibrant highlights but the subtlest ones are light hair highlights for 2017. They come with the tender spring and hot summer seasons to lighten up our hair color and to make us look more feminine and attractive. So, without wasting any tie we pass on to the representation of the light hair highlights which include the many delicate shades of blonde, pastel and silver. Keep on reading to make the right choice between the mentioned stunning hair highlighting ideas for this year.  light hair highlights for 2017Light Blonde Highlights for Dark Hair

It’s obvious that blonde hair colors find their light highlights easier than dark tresses. When you have dark hair you should make a careful choice among light blonde highlights.  Not every shade of blonde looks nice on dark hair. It’s important create a pleasing effect not to look like clown. Whatever you may try out the final effect is contrasting. light blonde highlights dark hair 2017So, do your best to achieve a good-looking contrast. Take a light shade of blonde which has yellowish or some warm undertones to flatter with your black or dark brown hair color. Don’t overdo and opt for a few face framing highlights instead. They will lighten up your face and dark complexion as well as will ring out your shiny eyes.light highlights for dark hair 2017Light Pastel Highlights

Even if we wouldn’t mention the word “light” it is obvious that pastel highlights are light in all their shades. Perhaps the lightest yet the brightest highlights for hair are founded among pastel tints. The best thing about pastel highlights is that you can achieve them effortlessly with the help of hair chalks. pastel highlights 2017This is a temporary hair highlighting solution but if it happens you fall in love with your experiment you can repeat it with permanent pastel hair colors. As pastel shades tend to create a harmonious and beautiful rainbow effect on hair you can combine several pastel hues according to your current hair color All in all pastel highlights live up any hair color.pastel highlights for 2017Light Silver Highlights

There are dark and light silver hair highlights for different base hair colors but when you want to lighten up your hair color you opt for light shades. Silver hair colors and highlights are the latest hair coloring ideas popular especially among Hollywood and TV stars. silver highlights for hair 2017This means that we are going to see silver as a common hair color in the nearest future. I have already seen many women in silver highlights on the streets. So, it’s your turn to opt for a flashy hairstyle by light silver highlights.silver highlights for hair for 2017



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