Cool Chunky Hair Highlights

Chunky hair highlights can certainly vary depending on the chosen combination of shades. Chunky highlights allow you to go for stunning wide contrasting accents although thin subtle babylights are not bad too, it is all about your preference. However the colorists do the highlights based on the appearance. Thin highlights are great to accentuate subtle features while the chunky highlights flatter big eyes and lips. Women with small face features should avoid wearing them. If you are looking for some cool highlights then these pictures will definitely give you some new ideas about highlights.Cool Chunky Hair HighlightsCaramel Chunky Highlights

This is one of the most fun looks that feature chunky highlights. To achieve a look like this you will need to apply caramel highlights. Apart from contrasting shades, the haircut is also important. As you see these highlights look great when paired with medium-length hair and blunt bangs. The overall combination creates an exotic top-notch look. This is a playful way to go!Caramel Chunky HighlightsAsh Highlights

Platinum blonde is a popular shade nowadays and it can be seen on a ton of celebrities. Well, it is totally ok since platinum is a rich shade that makes the wearer stand out. Remember! Hair color is another great way to express yourself. However let’s not forget about chunky highlights that accessorize these medium-length strands. The contrast created between platinum blonde and brown shades is visible.Ash HighlightsSilver Highlights

When seeking eye-popping style for blonde hair, look no further than this layered cut. Dark streaks give an extra pop to the strands and take the appearance a step forward. Long bangs add a youthful touch to the look and platinum top layer is simply classy and elegant. Well, it is more than clear that you will need to take some bleaching sessions to achieve this particular lookSilver HighlightsCurls with Chnky Highlights 

These gorgeous chunky highlights add some life to the strands. Everywhere you can see multi-colored highlights of both brown and blonde shades. The strands have been styled in curls to maintain the elegant touch of the look. All you need to do is to combine your sumptuous curls with a right evening dress. With this cool style you will definitely draw attention.curls-with-chunky-highlightsTeal Highlights

Well, young and wild ladies will not think twice while opting for teal highlights but we cannot say the same thing about ordinary folks. They may feel outside of their comfort zone. It is more than clear that this particular design is great for making a bold statement.  Combine teal with golden blonde and auburn streaks and finish the look with some loose curls. I am sure you will fall in love with these unique chunky highlights.Teal Highlights



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