Ideas for Magenta Hair Color for 2017

What kind of shade is it? Well, Magenta is a shade that involves blue or purple and red hues. The mix of these hues creates an incredible color such as magenta. It is a bold and unnatural shade so get ready for regular touchups. Magenta is not for those who are busy and don’t have time for their strands. There are so various shades to choose from, you can go for highlights since the magenta makes a perfect combination with other shades. Check out these ideas for magenta hair for 2017.   Ideas for Magenta Hair Color for 2017Bright Magenta Hair

Sometimes dying your strands a solid color may emphasize the thinness of your strands. Well, undoubtedly the magenta shade is just incredible but you can draw attention away from the thin hair by adding some texture. A fishtail braid can be the best salvation since it will create a visual interest plus it is a fantastic style to keep the hair out of the face.Bright Magenta HairMulticolored Hair

Well, magenta red hair is a gorgeous blend of purple and red tones that creates a multi-colored highlighted effect. However using too many shades may be dangerous for your strands so before taking this risk consult with your hair colorist. Keep in your mind that these hues require proper hair treatment procedures. When it comes to the cut, you can sport traditional bob since it makes the shades even more elegant.Multicolored HairSplit-Dye Job

Well, the technique of wearing these gorgeous shades is also important. Here, violet and fuchsia shades bright up the overall look and make the hairdo stand out. To get these two colors the stylist used split-dye technique. The half is violet, the other half is fuchsia. To finish the look you just need to decorate your strands with some meaningful accessories such as feathers, dreamcatchers and etc.Split Dye JobCandy Curls

When you want to add some depth and dimension to your pastel shades you should consider magenta highlights. They are not harsh and perfectly blend with pastel hues. Curls make the highlights even more visible. However you can get these colors with the help of temporary dyes or hair chalks. The colors are going to work well for all hair lengths and natural textures.candy curlsMagenta with Highlights

Magenta shade can be worn in various ways – from ombre to two-tone and highlights. Below you can see that the colorist has used purple and pink-red highlights to spice up the look. You can darken the overall look or make it even brighter. However this color can be worn by women with different complexions and undertones. In case if you want something unique, consider this option.     Magenta with Highlights



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