New Ideas for Peek-a-boo Highlights for 2017

If you are looking a way to fresh up your hair while maintaining your natural shade then consider these new peek-a-boo highlights for 2017. You can add some unnatural colors throughout your strands without the need of all over bleach. These fun highlights update your hairdo without damaging the strands. Well, the peek-a-boo highlights can be placed on the bangs, sides or the back section. The best thing is that you can use your favorite shade -be that natural, unnatural, pastel or neon hue. With sparkling peek-a-boo colors you will just turn the heads.New Ideas for Peek a boo Highlights for 2017Strawberry Blonde Peek-a-boo Highlights

If you have a copper red shade then you can lighten it up with the help of strawberry blonde streaks. Just applying highlights is not enough; you should also know how to demonstrate them. You can show off your highlights by pulling the strands into a sumptuous half up half down hairdo. It is an elegant, classy and ultra-feminine headdress that is definitely worth to try.Strawberry Blonde Peek a boo HighlightsBurgundy Peek-a-boo Highlights

Are you ready to heat the things up? Well, do it with the help of burgundy peek-a-boo highlights. Burgundy probably is the most unexpected shade for blonde hair but if you want something sparkling then this is the best option. However burgundy makes a great pair with brown hair too. Some light blonde hues will provide even more crazy and wild look.
Burgundy Peek a boo HighlightsGolden Peek-a-boo Highlights

You can add a warm feel to your brown hair with the help of caramel peek-a-boo highlights. It is the best way to mix the things and upgrade your brunette looks. The sheen of the strands is just eye-popping and engaging. By the way it is not hard to achieve this astonishing look. Now brunettes also may play with various shades and have fun like all blonde out there.  Golden Peek a boo HighlightsPeek-a-Boo Black Lowlights

This stunning look is just fantastic for all dark-haired ladies. The deep tones of red make a perfect pair with sleek and shiny black strands. The black peek-a-boo highlights are great when you want to have natural dark shade. This option works well almost for all females regardless of hair type and skin complexion.Peek a Boo Black LowlightsPink Peek-a-boo Highlights for Blonde Hair

It is important to choose a right peek-boo shade if you don’t want to destroy your look. Even simple details introduced into your hair have a great influence on your style. I have already mentioned that you can add these highlights on your bangs too. The peek-a-boo highlights at the front of the hair make your blue and grey eyes pop up. However what can be better than a pretty pink shade?Pink Peek a boo Highlights for Blonde Hair



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