Sizzling Purple Hair Highlights

Wearing purple bright in your hair can be really fun. Any color of rainbow included the purple shades are welcomed. Being the color of royalty, purple makes a great combination with brown blonde and red shades. However you can choose either bold or soft version of purple hair highlights. Both the darkest and the brightest hues of purple display the richness of dark brown and black hair while pastels add a delicate touch to the cool toned blonde. Want some inspiration, look through these images! Sizzling Purple Hair Highlights Purple and Burgundy Waves

If you are looking for a bold yet sexy hair colors then this option is right for you! The vibrancy touch of the strands creates a top notch look. In this particular design we truly love to see how perfectly colors melt into each other. The burgundy is the dominant shade, while the purple highlights have been added to have this product. Short wavy bob comes in handy, when you want to show off this gorgeous color melt.Purple and Burgundy WavesIndigo and Purple on Brown Base

Don’t you think that blue and purple make a wonderful combination for any season of the year? The angled bob has been spiced up with blue highlights and purple streaks. Brown hair makes a great canvas for these shades and it shows off the prominence of the blue and purple pretty well. These chic colors will definitely make any headdress stand out.Indigo and Purple on Brown BasePurple Ombre

This is for girls who are looking for that “wow” factor. Purple can be a great option for brightening up your look. Here the reddish purple ombre accessorizes the long curls. For the styling you need to use a medium-sized curling iron to create loose waves around the shoulders. I assure you, your strands will get a super-feminine look with this combination.Purple Ombre

Multi-Colored Purple Highlights

I have already mentioned above that the purple works well almost with all natural shades and there is no exception. Well, to re-create this particular look your colorist will need to pair some hues such as chocolate brown, light honey and golden chestnut with purple highlights. This masterpiece will definitely make people take a second glance.Multi Colored Purple HighlightsPink and Purple Highlights

Here is the gorgeous blend of purple and blonde. The pink and purple shades help upgrade the ash blonde locks. Try to think out of the box and don’t limit yourself with a single shade. Choose various shades of pink and purple to adorn your medium-length hair. Pull some strands of your locks up and create a gorgeous knotted headdress and keep the rest of hair in a wavy pattern.Pink and Purple Highlights



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