Crazy Green-Blue Hair Ideas

Something tells me that you are going to fashion crazy two tone hair color trend. Whether it is scary step for you or not but going for unnatural hair colors is not surprising anymore. Teal blue, turquoise, peacock: no matter which one since all of them are equally magnificent and can create a beautiful green-blue hair color. The technique of getting them is up to you but balayaged, ombred and melted green and blue shades are just scrumptious. However, it is not easy to maintain unnatural shades so prepare yourself for regular touchups.Crazy Green Blue Hair IdeaHillary Duff Green-Blue Hair

Hillary Duff has recently impressed us with her new makeover. Whether she will return back to her blonde locks or not, but we truly love to see her mermaid hair. It is hard to guess she has more blue or green strands but this unexpected yet chic color flatters her skin complexion and makes her eyes pop up. However the dark roots give a natural touch to the overall look.Hillary Duff Green-Blue HairSplit-Dyed or Half and Half Hair

Split-dyed hair color technique provides an incredible and fun hairdo that is not so common. It requires two basic shades that are being painted on both sides of the head. It is a creative way to wear two different tones and it will help you to steal the spotlight. The choice of colors is based on your preferences but consider these green and blue shades too since they are magnificent.Split Dyed or Half and Half HairPastel Green and Blue Hair

Pastel shades are so ethereal and airy, no wonder, ladies with these shades seem fairies from tales. If you have light hair color then it will be pretty easy for you to achieve pastel green and blue, while brunettes should go for many bleaching sessions to get their desirable effect. These shades work both for edgy and subtle haircuts. Thus, with hair like this, get ready to get many compliments.Pastel Green and Blue HairThree-Tone Hair

Well, green and blue colors create incredible combination, but you can introduce some other hue into your strands to have a sophisticated three-toned hair color. If you don’t have an idea how to do it, then this model will be pretty inspiring for you. This design involves three basic shades green, blue and lavender. Green has been used to color the roots and it gradually melts into blue with dark purple tips.  three tone hair colorGreen-Blue Turquoise Hair

It is never late to wear mermaid hues regardless of your hair length and type. This is a typical mermaid hair that is still dream for girls who dream to experiment with these pastel shades. Compared to other green-blue combinations this one is a bit darker version and it adorns model’s bob haircut.Green Blue Turquoise Hair



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