Edgy Blue Ombre Hair Ideas for 2017

Blue ombre hair ideas for 2017 remind us of fantasy creatures such as fairies and mermaids. Somehow girls always dream to have an ethereal look of a mermaid or fairy, so nowadays it is possible. It is not as hard as you may think, since you just need to find a good hair colorist. Well, you can try to re-create mermaid blue ombre hair at home, but you need to be extra careful since the risk of damaging your strands is high, particularly when you have natural dark strands. It is better to choose your favorite blue ombre and head to your colorist.Edgy Blue Ombre Hair Ideas for 2017Oil Slick Blue Ombre

Dark-haired ladies tend to avoid pastel shades but there is really no need to do it since the things have changed up. Colorists have created new techniques that allow them to pull off various bright hues. In this particular hairstyle, the oil slick technique has been used to blend brown and blue hues together. The result is incredible and it looks stunning on longer strands. Dear brunettes, feel free to rock pastels.Oil Slick Blue OmbreBlue Ombre on Blonde Base

When you have blonde hair you can easily achieve any pastel shade. At least you don’t have to go for bleaching. This particular hairstyle uses a reverse ombre technique transforming form light to dark blue at the tips. Dark and light blue shades give an extra pop to your blonde strands. It is worth to pull of this look even if you have to go for regular touchups.Blue Ombre on Blonde BaseBlue Lob with Dark Roots

Blue ombre can be worn both on short and long strands. This lob uses blue ombre design that entails transitioning from dark roots to teal-blue tips. The key to achieve this ombre design is to melt different shades together to create depth. You can style your strand in gorgeous waves to show off the color combination. This headdress will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.Blue Lob with Dark RootsBlue Black Hair

Black blue strands can be a fantastic option for ladies who want to recover their lifeless and damaged strands. Dark shades don’t require too much of bleaching so the risk of further damage is not so high. Your black hair will appear shinier and healthier with darker blue highlights. By the way it is a low maintenance look so it doesn’t require too much care.Blue Black HairPastel Blue Ombre

Black-skinned women also can rock blue ombre designs and here is an excellent example. This particular ombre requires transitioning from dark roots to blue-green tips. Natural roots keep the balance between dark and light tints. If you have a sophisticated ombre design, like this one, it doesn’t mean you can’t go for hair accessories. Choose big bows or bands to give an extra sass to your look.Pastel Blue Ombre



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