Inspiring Ombre Hair Colors for 2018

Ombre hair colors are in mainstream and that’s because the ombre hair trend has inspired lots of females to change and improve their look. The secret behind the ombre is that you choose one or multiple tones and let them fade or blend into one another. Here we have included everything- from conventional ombre patterns to bold pastels. If you can’t commit between your favorite tones, just check these inspiring ombre hair colors for 2018 to see how you can use them all together.Inspiring Ombre Hair Colors for 2018Indigo Hair Ombre

This electric indigo looks superb. It is a lovely color combination between a dark and electric indigo shades. Purplish highlights throughout the strands give it even more charming hair look. If you decide to go for soft curls the result will be even more splendid. Don’t try to get the look at home, show this picture to your hair colorist and ask for the same style. Good luck with your hair transformation.electric indigo hair colorPurple Ombre Hair

Purple ombre hair trend is evolving day by day, so you have lots of ideas to try out. Purple can be paired literally with every shade by your choice. Try your natural hair with a purple combination, the result is just impressive. Who would think that this way of rocking pastels would become so desirable. However, the look is ridiculously low-maintenance, because you keep your roots untouched.Purple Ombre HairGreen Ombre Hair

If you dare to go for bolder styles and you have fair skin tone, this green hair ombre is definitely for you. The deep green at the top and sea foam at the bottom make this mane look rich and sophisticated. Indeed, this style requires a little bit upkeep, but you will see that it is totally worth your effort. Just make sure to use hair treatments to make your green last a little bit longer.Green Ombre HairMagenta and Pink Ombre

Looking for a statement hairstyle? Here it is! This fresh ombre complements the model’s light skin tone and deep eye color. Magenta hair color melts into pink giving highlights a new life. The roots are maintained natural. It’s reduces maintenance, but you will still need to keep the rest of strand fresh and healthy. Give your locks some waves to bring out the gorgeous color combo.magenta hair colorCinnamon to Blonde Ombre

If you are not in bright and bold shades try this delicious pattern. It requires creating a seamless transition from cinnamon to blonde. Well, this style looks absolutely amazing on longer strands plus it is quite natural, so you don’t have to worry about faded shades too much. This is the best option for brunettes, who want to experiment with blonde tones.Cinnamon to Blonde Ombre



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