Lovely Auburn Hair Color and Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Auburn is one of the hottest shades of red that you can rock in any season of the year particularly in autumn. Whether you are planning to go for a whole new hair look or you just want to add some subtle highlights throughout your strands, this is the highest moment to try one of these amazing auburn hair colors for 2017. Taking into consideration your eye color, skin tone, natural hair color, allow your hairstylist to help you achieve the hottest hair shade ever. Like any other reddish tint, auburn is also fabulous.Lovely Auburn Hair Color and Hairstyle Ideas for 2017Deep Chocolate Auburn

The darker shades of auburn tend to take on a purplish tone. It is an excellent option for females who are craving for a little bit edge. However, this shade is fantastic for conservative atmosphere. The color is vibrant enough to make a fashion statement, but it is also subtle enough to give you a feminine appearance. This is one of the best ideas for women who want to become a redhead.Deep Chocolate AuburnLovely Auburn Hair Color

There are many other variations of an auburn hair color that are worth trying. Whether you decide to rock an auburn hair color with highlights or place some auburn highlights throughout brown hair, you are going to have a refined look. To achieve a hair color that has an appeal and works with your hair type is to go for subtle layers and inject some balayage highlights to liven up your look.vibrant auburn maneAuburn to Orange Hair Color

Now you don’t need layers to add movement to this color combination. Wavy tresses are the best in accentuating the fabulous color combo. The best ombre looks require darker shade for the roots and lighter shade for the tips. The following style entails transitioning from dark auburn roots to light copper (the choice of the copper hue is up to you) towards the tips.Auburn to Orange Hair ColorMedium Auburn Hair Color

Auburn red hair colors look good on women with different hair textures and hair lengths. Well, if you have a thick hair type we highly recommend opting for a solid auburn shade, but those with thin hair type should consider going for hair highlights for extra dimension and depth. Consult your hair colorist before you will decide to wear this medium auburn shade.Medium Auburn Hair ColorDimensional Auburn Waves

This is a soft brownish auburn hair color that not only gives dimension to your strands but also boosts your confidence. You can style your strands in lovely waves and create a fantastic hairstyle for a crazy night out. However, this brownish auburn hair color will give a youthful touch to your appearance. If you have natural waves, use them for your own benefit.brownish auburn wavesVibrant Auburn Ombre for Medium Hair

Choosing a good hair color may help you stand out from the crowd and make a fashion statement. By saying a good hair color, I meant this vibrant auburn ombre. Forget about dull solid shades and try out steaming hot reddish hues with multitude highlights. However, it is important to have a basic idea of the shade that you are going to dye your tresses.Vibrant Auburn Ombre for Medium Hair



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