Ombre Ideas for Long Straight Hair for 2017

Ombre hair is beautiful and interesting particularly when it is bold and fierce. Straight hair is another way to demonstrate your colors without a ton of effort. You can achieve one of these looks with the help of a skilful hair colorist and flat iron. The ombre ideas for long straight hair for 2017 are really limitless. Below I have selected some of them, check out and get inspired from.  Ombre Ideas for Long Straight Hair for 2017Light to Dark Ombre

Traditional ombre pattern entails transitioning from dark to light shade but this one is the opposite version of common ombre designs. Just mix thing up and try out a reverse ombre. This creative ombre style will accessorize your long straight hair. Dark tips are great option for ladies who want to keep their strands healthy and flashy. Anyway lighter roots require frequent touchups.Light to Dark OmbreBrown to Blonde Ombre

This is the most popular version of ombre designs that all ladies love to go for. This blonde brown ombre looks exceptionally gorgeous on long sleek hair. Add some light layers to give some movement and dimension to your strands. It is the most feminine option for females with extra long hair.Brown to Blonde OmbreLayered Ombre Hair

Your ombre hair will look even more sophisticated when you add in some angled layers. The impact of layers can be seen after styling your strands. If you are planning to achieve this particular hairstyle, simply blow dry your hair with a round brush and you are ready to go. Note that layers create an adorable face framing design.Layered Ombre HairColorful Long Hair

The ombre looks best when the color gently darkens at the tips. This look can be taken a step further by choosing colors that complement each other. Variations are really limitless- you should consider light green to blue, yellow to deep orange, purple to pink ombre patterns and etc. the color choice is up to you, just know that there is really something to choose from.Colorful Long HairExcellent Black to Ash Blonde

There are countless ombre designs for long straight hair. However you need to choose something according to your complexions. Here you can see another trendy ombre that demonstrates subtle transition from dark to light shades. The beautiful blonde ends accentuate this dramatic black to light ombre design and enhance the overall appearance of long straight hair.Excellent Black to Ash BlondeBold Black to Red Ombre

Want to steal the spotlight? You can do that with a hot ombre pattern like this one. The sexy red shade will give extra pop to your monotone black strands. If you love it just go ahead with it!Bold Black to Red Ombre



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