Subtle Lavender Hair Ombre Ideas

Lavender hair ombre provides a fun and creative look without lots of maintenance. Well, it is not a secret that unnatural shades easily wash out, so you need to go for regular touchups to freshen your unique hair color but with lavender ombre everything is a way easier. Whether you choose to go for a permanent color or wash-out hair chalk, lavender hair brings some personality to any type of strands regardless of the length, natural texture and color. In this article you will find some incredible lavender hair ombre ideas for 2017.Subtle Lavender Hair Ombre IdeasLight Lavender Ombre

The combination of light blonde and subtle lavender shade creates an angelic and girly look for all ladies who want something different without overdoing it. It requires tapering the strands to medium-length and coloring the tips of the strands in a gorgeous lavender shade. Well, if you have blonde base then achieving this color will be super easy otherwise you will have to go for bleaching sessions.    Light Lavender OmbreBlonde Hair with Lavender Ombre

Blonde is one of those shades that can be perfectly paired with lavender hue. Below you can see another ethereal combination of lavender and blonde shade that will give a bold yet feminine look to all women out there. This is a great style for any season of the year; just make sure that you are using conditioners and shampoos for color-treated strands to keep your hair healthy and shiny.Blonde Hair with Lavender OmbreLight Brown with Lavender Tips

Well, who said brunettes can’t pull off lavender shade? Everyone can experiment with it the most important thing is to know how to use the shade correctly. This light brown hair with a touch of silver and lavender gives a sophisticated look to the bob cut. Jewel lavender shade brightens up the brown hair and adds lots of dimension and depth. However, this is a low-maintenance look and can be easily achieved.Light Brown with Lavender TipsCurly Lavender Hair

Well, all know that long strands sometimes look boring and plain to break it you can simply go for pastel shades. With this color combo your hair will never seem boring. The shadowy roots create a gorgeous combination with lavender hue and give a sophisticated touch to waves. As soon as you apply the color, you can easily style your strands in spiffy waves and show off the beauty of the ombre design.   Curly Lavender HairBright Lavender Ombre

There are options for all ladies! You can go either bright or dark depending on your natural hair color and texture.  Brightly colored strands are great to make a statement. For this style your colorist will need to create a gorgeous fade from darker purple roots into pink-purple ombre. Consider using highly qualified hair dye to keep your locks healthy and protected.Bright Lavender Ombre



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