Dreamy Rainbow Balayage Hair for 2017

Well, when the hair colorists represented us the balayage dye technique we never wanted to look back. This technique requires painting color onto your hair and it is the most low-maintenance way to achieve sun-kissed strands. Balayage is used to provide with a natural looking appearance but now it should definitely be in your rainbow arsenal as well. Below you will see some dreamy rainbow balayage hair colors for 2017 that involve a perfect blend of balayage and rich, vibrant hues.Dreamy Rainbow Balayage Hair for 2017Warm-Toned Balayage

This incredible hairstyle is a result of balayage technique. Well, just because you hair has got some color doesn’t mean it can’t be understated. Just try to tone down your unicorn hair with a warm-toned balayage style and the result will be incredible. It is a color combo to stand out in the crowd and make a fashion statement. Style your strands in waves to show off this chic color mix.

Eclipting Hair Color Technique for 2017

According to “Popsugar” 2017 eclipting hair color technique is going to be the next big thing! It seems hair colorists are trying to find new ways to incorporate the makeup technique using strategic color placement. We know that the balayage is the recent trend but it is the highest moment to opt for something new to stand out in the crowd. Well, so what eclipting is all about? Actually it is a way of framing the face using the contrasting colors that differ from person to person based on their undertones and features. Compared with balayeage technique, eclipting is all about getting a visible contrast.Eclipting Hair Color Technique for 2017Ian Michael Black, expert of hair colors, said that if he wants to emphasize his client’s eyes he takes it darker just under the fringe. If he wants to make the face thinner he goes darker to the sides that create illusion of pushing the cheeks in a bit.  Well in this case it is pretty important to find a specialist who is familiar with this technique. Now we know that with the help of a right hair coloring technique we can visually change our face features.

Hair Color Ideas by Demi Lovato

Nowadays our first source of inspiration is celebrities. They are willing to wear the craziest and most popping hair colors to impress their fans. Well, Demi Lovato is definitely one of them. She has pulled of various hair colors and haircuts so today we have decided to select some hair color ideas by Demi Lovato that will definitely give you idea on how to play bold and soft hairstyles. Just make sure to consult with your colorist before wearing one of these styles!  Hair Color Ideas by Demi LovatoLong Caramel Hair

Here is Demi’s one of the most prominent hairstyles that will stick in our memories forever. Demi hit the red carpet for the 2011 MTW Video Music Awards as a caramel blonde. It is impossible not to fall in love with the texture of her strands. Caramel and dark brown shades provide with lots of dimension and depth. You just need to style your strands into waves to introduce some drama into the look.

Ecaille Hair Color Trend for 2017

Perhaps like many hair color fanatics you are also looking for a cool dye technique. Here we have something to suggest you- “ecaille” that means tortoise shell in French. It is still one if the hottest trends of the year. According to the top artists ecaille is a freehand color technique close to balayage or freehand painting. The main difference is that instead of using lightener you have to create a gorgeous blend effect on the hair. You shouldn’t confuse ecaille with ombre or balayage since they all provide with different effects. Ecaille is great for ladies who are looking for a low-maintenance hair color. Touchups every three to four months are more than enough. Now have a look at some pictures of ecaille hair color trend for 2017 and get inspired from.Ecaille Hair Color Trend for 2017Black Pearl Ecaille

Here is an incredible look provided by ecaille technique. It adds a shine line with cool tones such as silver and steel metals. This color is meant to accentuate eyes and give a fresh shine to the bangs. It looks super natural and elegant. However make sure that you have opted for a right haircut otherwise your look will not seem complete.

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes for 2017

Brunettes think that if they have dark strands they cannot pull off the most vibrant rainbow hair colors. Well, let me inform you that rainbow hair can be adopted by brunettes too and as a brunette you don’t need to feel jealous of adventurous rainbow hair trend. The popular hair colorist and creator of many hair shades Edelman says that brunettes who want to tint their strands with rainbow colors, need to lift their natural color to a minimum level (which is the darkest shade of the blonde) to achieve rainbow hair. Go on reading to find some pictures of rainbow hair for brunettes for 2017. Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes for 2017Ceylon Sapphire Hair

It is an incredible color that features deep cobalt but it is seen as blue-black hair. It shows off its spectacular dimension in sunlight. Well, this shade is great for women with dark brown or black hair, and women who have cool, neutral or olive undertones. While wearing this color, make sure that your hair colorist is skillful enough to re-create it.

2017 Beautiful Hair Colors To Inspire Your Next ‘Do

Hair Color lovers and trendsetters if you have an intention to enhance your hue for the upcoming winter months or switch your shade for a cool style, why not, check out these 2017 beautiful hair color trends to get you inspired. Sometimes we find ourselves rocking the same shade for a while and that feels pretty boring. The quickest way to update your overall look is to give your hair color a re-fresh. Who said you have to go bold? Choose a few touches of balayage to add it an extra spark. By the way solid tones such as brunettes and blondes will make your hair appear stronger and healthier.2017 Beautiful Hair Colors To Inspire Your Next ‘DoBlack Hair with Blue Highlights

There is something charming about Jourdan Dunn’s hair color. We kind of in love with these petrol blue tones she used to rock. It reminds us of Disney creatures. Anyway this style is super inspiring for those who don’t know how to enhance their brunette hair. Let’s admit that it is not so bold and it flatters her darker skin complexion. Note that the darker roots balance the overall look.

Unique Blonde-Black Hair Color Ideas

Well, both blonde and black colors are natural and there are many ways to combine them to create a striking hair color design. The most known techniques of rocking these hues are balayage and ombre. Anyway you should do your own research to find the best combination of blonde and black shades since the options are really versatile. If you are lack of inspiration, then check out these black blonde hair color ideas and get inspired from.Unique Blonde Black Hair Color IdeasBlonde Streaks on Black Hair

If you want to show off the contrast between black and blonde shades you should consider this version. Professionally placed blonde streaks create a sparkling look. Well, you need to find a skillful hair colorist to adopt this style. Even several blonde streaks will definitely enhance the overall look of brown hair. Make sure that you are using a right coloring technique.

Attractive Hairstyles for Brunettes for 2017

Well, brunette strands come in variety of shades and nuances between the lightest milky brown to the darkest espresso. Compared with blonde, brown strands are thicker and stronger which plays a crucial role in a hairstyle choice. Today we have selected the most attractive hairstyles for brunettes for 2017. Brown strands are more natural than any other shade. With this mind you can select a suitable headdress to turn having brown hair into quite a styling advantage. The secret to achieve a good hairstyle for brown hair is hidden behind giving the locks less volume and more structure. Sophisticated hairstyles for brown hair are meant to enhance your appearance while bringing out the best of your features.Layered Hairstyle for Brown HairPonytails and Updos for Brown Hair

Brown hair is appealing when it is combed back toward the neck and gathered in a ponytail or updo. Well, the hair can be gathered loosely or elegant with gel. Ponytails and updos come in various shapes and shades. The versatility of these two hairstyles allows you to choose something that works really well with your natural texture and hair color.   

Dark Blonde Hair Colors by Celebs for 2017

Trendy hair colors fall somewhere between blonde and brunette strands. It is the best way to add an extra dimension to sun-faded strands. Anyway vibrant hair color speaks for itself without any makeup accents. Dark blonde hair colors for 2017 are the hottest trend of the season. If you also want to go for a darker shade of blonde, then have a look at these inspiring celebrities with dark blonde strands and get new ideas on how to rock blonde and brown shades.Dark Blonde Hair Colors by Celebs for 2017Kiernan Shipka: Milky Blonde Hair

Kiernan is our favorite teen who knows how to rock dark blonde shade. It compliments her skin complexion and brings out the beauty of her brown eyes. If you also want to replicate this look ask for some chocolate-y accents for your milky blonde mane. Darker roots are highly appreciated since they give the strands even more natural-looking appearance. This option flatters almost all hair lengths.

2017 Hair Colors Look Like Famous Paintings

Hair coloring techniques are going crazy! Day by day we can see new ways of coloring the strands.  Well, 2017 hair colors are going to look like famous paintings. Are you surprised? Although most of you will take it easy since we have already understood that the colorists can get inspired from everything- food, paintings and etc. These colors remind us of the most popular paintings. However they are not for soft heart ladies because it takes some courage to wear strands like these.2017 Hair Colors Look Like Famous PaintingsWho is the Colorist? Hairstylist Ursula Goff takes inspiration for famous paintings to create a stunning and unique hair color like nothing you have seen before. By sharing the fantastic looks on her Instagram page, she made a new statement in hair coloring industry. Her followers adore her masterful hair colors and totally appreciate her effort. What about you?